Two Major Differences Between Domestic and Wild Cat Ancestor

The domestic cat is the same as the North African wildcat in terms of genetics; they both have 19 pairs of chromosomes (38 total). Therefore the domestic and wildcat can mate and produce fertile hybrids. But there are major fertility differences between these cats. Both are seasonal breeders but whereas the female wildcat has …

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Domestic cats have smaller brains than their wildcat ancestors

African wildcat compared with domestic cat

A study has concluded that the brains of domestic cats have shrunk during the time that they have been domesticated. And having shrunk I have concluded that domestic cats are probably more stupid today than they were at the time of the Ancient Egyptians. And I suspect that they will go on becoming a …

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Is the Maine Coon bigger than the Norwegian Forest cat, Ragdoll, Savannah, Siberian, Bengal?

F1 Savannah cat Titan at the Marland Mansion, Ponca City, OK, USA

On average, the Maine Coon cat is larger than almost all other domestic cats, with the exception of the F1, or first filial, Savannah cat. The F1 Savannah cat is the largest among domestic cats, although it is not recognized as a formal breed. The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed, but …

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Dogs are more likely to scavenge on their owner’s dead body than cats

Elderly cat and dog owner

While the subject is quite grim, it’s intriguing to note that a 2015 study documented 63 instances of dogs consuming their deceased owners. Remarkably, in a quarter of these cases, the dogs began to eat the remains less than a day after their owner’s death, even though they had access to other food sources …

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Why your cat likes to knock things over

Cat knocks vase off mantlepiece

Do you know why your cat likes to knock things over? What’s your theory? In fact, does he do it? Not all domestic cats do. What percentage of cats do this? Despite what experts say I don’t believe we have a full and certain answer to these questions so I’ll provide mine but I’m …

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News roundup on the rewilding in the UK of wildcats

Scottish wildcat in the highlands of Scotland

There appears to be a concerted effort to rewild the UK with the wildcat which is probably extinct throughout the UK although some think that the wildcat is still present in very small numbers (400?) but others think those cats are wildcat x domestic/feral cat hybrids and the wildcat is extinct in the UK. …

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Are small wild cats and the domestic cat scavengers?

Domestic cats can be scavengers and it is probably correct to say that this applies to all small wild cat species as well.

Yes, for all the above is probably the answer. We know that domestic cats are scavengers because all their life they eat ‘dead’ animals in the commercially prepared food that we give them. Domestic cats allowed outside sometimes catch and eat live animals. Not all do. My cat can go from killing and eating …

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