A Cat Cure For Chronic Human Constipation

You go to the circus and watch the tigers perform their usual tricks (note: I don’t like that bit of the story).

Tiger in the toilets
Tiger in the toilets
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You decide that you need to go to the toilet and while you are out having a wee, an announcement is made in the circus ring that a tiger has escaped. You don’t hear it.

You have your pee and leave by the exit. A security guard stops you to tell you that a tiger has escaped and to stay where you are.

You do as you are ordered. You turn around to go back into the toilets and bump into a tiger who is no more than three feet from you.

As you are a very calm and collected lady, you stifle your desire to scream and do nothing. The circus tiger is probably as scared as you are. You are now told to leave the bathroom!

You do as you are ordered. The tiger does nothing to harm you and is captured and caged.

This happened in Salina, Kansas, USA. The lady is Jenna Kregbiel, who says her work as a social worker helped her keep calm. She says she is “used to being in quite hair-raising situations”.

Humans are far more dangerous than tigers, then.

10 thoughts on “A Cat Cure For Chronic Human Constipation”

  1. I’m sadly disappointed. I thought you’d found a cure for chronic constipation. Enough said. Giggles 🙂

    I’ve never been to a circus.

    • Exactly – if the tiger does anything wrong it’s game over. That’s a horrible thought. Thank goodness the lady stayed calm. It must have been very scary for the tiger too.

  2. I mean tiger, I was so upset on her behalf I got lion and tiger mixed up 🙁
    Imagine smelling freedom and then it was snatched away 🙁

      • like i have always said,i don’t mind seeing a tiger relaxing in the shade of a tree at a large zoo(if the tiger has no chance of successfully being returned to the wild)but i think that making tigers perform tricks is cruel for the tigers.they don’t want to do that kind of stuff.it is so un-natural,they just want to be left alone…..p.s.-i love the picture at the top and the sign on the door that reads “tigers only”.

        • Hi Kevin, I am pleased you like the picture. It took a little while to produce. At one time tigers in circuses were common and accepted. Nowadays most people see things differently. Well, that is what I believe. They don’t like tigers in circuses. I take this as the development of the human race becoming more sensitive to animal’s emotions etc.. We are discovering that animals are more intelligent and have more emotions than we once imagined.

  3. What a sad story, I hate circuses and the poor lion who should have been living free was recaptured and caged, how sad for that poor tiger and how thoughtless people are for going to circuses and encouraging the owners to think capturing wild animals for entertainment (or any other purpose) is acceptable 🙁 🙁 🙁


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