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A Cat in Paris is a new French animated film. It has that typical quirky French flavor! You know how they produce their cars. Well it is the same for films. If you go to the cinema in Paris, you will probably go to what we call a art cinema; a small cinema showing arty, low budget films. There are lots more films of that type in France.

The French rarely, if ever, make blockbuster epic films. It is probably about finance although I think the French prefer arty films – good for them. They are better anyway. The film is set in the “La Ville-Lumière” (“The City of Light“) but it is has a film noir feel.

A Cat in Paris seems to fall into the arty category. It is quite a short film by modern standards at about one hour. It seems to be a bit Tim Burtonesque. What I mean is brooding and dark. Notre Dame Cathedral plays a role in the movie and that famous building has a long cinematic history. I am thinking about Charles Laughton playing Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame; ‘the bells, the bells..’

A Cat in Paris probably tries to satisfy audiences of all ages but has it succeeded in that objective? It might have fallen in the middle ground.

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By the way, the cat star, Dino, is a tabby cat! LoL. Although the drawings are not literal so it is hard to tell. The cat has has orange stripes on his back. I think we will have to decide that the star of the film is an orange tabby cat but I don’t think that was in the minds of the animators.

Dino accompanies a cat burglar called Nico. You’ll get the flavor from the video above.

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