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  1. I think its great that Sealy likes squash. How bizarre. I’m more than horrified you got reported to an organisation known for killing perfectly healthy animals whenever they get their hands on one. How stupid is the irony in that. I can’t believe famous people actually do PETA favours for their campaigns and that people donate money to them so that they can have a multi million dollar public relations department. They kill something like 98% of all the cats and dogs that they get their hands on each year – maybe less now – and that is a matter of public record. They also send sheters flowers when the shelters give up on trying to not kill animals. If they had their way they would just kill all the animals because clearly they believe thats how to solve the problem. I don’t necessarily think they are worth the small percentage of good things they do when you consider that the money donated to them might go somewhere better if they did not exist. I bet they wanted to take all your cats and dog and kill them all. Clearly they don’t think animals, like humans, want to live and are scared of dying – and yet they make themselves look like they think that If you are asking me, the millions they get in donations should go to all the small rescues who are doing things right. Not the big multi million dollar HSUS ASPCA type organisations that spend so much money on expensive salaries and PR. Its been proven time and time again that when any organisation becomes big, too big, it cannot anymore be honest and effective as it should.

    I’m so glad you have Sealy. I think he sounds very happy and I think all the complainers and whoever reported you should just sod off and leave you alone. The world is backwards sometimes and its always the people who try to do something good and manage difficult circumstances that end up in the line of fire unfairly.

    • Tom is dead because of that mess. PETA called animal control daily while the man in charge was on vacation. They couldn’t wait for him to get back as he knew the situation. Instead, an untrained officer came out and said we had to paint the ceiling within 3 days from smoke damage or face jail time and/or eviction. We surrendered 9 cats. Tom got sick and was euthanized. I WILL NOT EVER GET OVER THIS!!! There is NO forgiveness ever because someone either hated me enough to do this or they wanted Sealy dead.

  2. Love this post and believe less than perfect cats are more beautiful! There is power in a name and wonder if Old Ugly could renamed?

    • Now that is a good point. Are less than perfect cats more beautiful than perfect cats? I presume you are writing about less than perfect external beauty (appearance). If you are, I agree. I find “defects” interesting and attractive. Pure beauty for me is a bit intimidating. For me the same applies to character. Thanks for the idea.

      I also agree that there is power in a name. I think a name can change a person’s behavior and wonder if a name of a cat changes people’s behavior towards the cat. I think that is the point you are making.

    • Mama started calling her that when she showed up because she was quite unattractive. After she put on weight the name just stuck. Its hard to believe that was 30 years ago. She had the most amazing eyes. The only cat I have now who even comes close is Gizzy.

  3. Oh Michael, I LOVE the cat picture you added. I just wanna hug that kitty and just stare at it awhile. Its beautiful!

    Old Ugly had the same shape to her face. I made the photos on the collage about 6 months after she showed up. She was bone skinny in the beginning and ran if I so much as opened the door to go outside.

  4. Hi Elisa,

    For the record – I think “Spot” and “Old Ugly” are both very beautiful physically. Not sure how they got into the physically ugly category.

    That’s beside the point but I felt compelled to mention it.

    You’re right – it’s not about the outer beauty at all. This is true for people too. What matters and what’s appealing is the inner beauty.

    It bothers me that way people judge cats and other people by their outward beauty. It’s sad, shallow, and too often inaccurate.

    An ugly cat can be precious on the inside and can have an adorable personality. The same cat can be considerate and can have admirable traits. Once their personality shines through, they can be just as regal as the physically beautiful cats.

    We’ve heard the old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” over and over again yet most do the opposite. It’s a mistake.

    True beauty is what you are inside. It’s what you believe, what you say, and how you act. It’s your ethics.

    Same is true for cats.

    It was nice to hear that when you worked in the rescue you picked the defeated ones – the ones who really needed the help and another chance. That’s good-hearted of you.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  5. Why do you think people are so obsessed with the look of things, outward appearance? It does not reflect well on humankind does it?

    I have always pretty much ignored outward appearance. Although I am attracted to nice looking things I tend to put a brake on that and look beyond to personality (for people and cats) and functionality (for machines).

    What happens is that after about 6 months you don’t see the outward appearance so much. You see the inner beauty much more.

    Pictures of Cats

    By the way I love to see other people’s cats purebred or not but people don’t want to show me. If anyone wants to share a picture of their cat please contact me or Elisa and we’ll publish it here. My email is mjbmeister[at]gmail.com (change the [at] for @. Thanks.

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