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A Dead Bobcat. Please Explain Why — 26 Comments

  1. These people are fur trappers. Marc did some digging around. Fur trappers and traders make me sick. I hate people who kill animals for their skins. They are heartless bastards. The fur trade is horrible. A hateful business. If I was in charge I would ban it totally and all the fur traders can go live in tents and eat baked beans for the rest of their lives.

    • Is it illegal fur trading? The pictures of those small bobcats trying to get out of the cage are horrible. We are still so uncivilized.

      • The illegality of fur trading depends on the state as I understand it. I guess in Kansas it is legal and some people proudly do it. These picture are on Facebook. I quickly found the Kansas Fur Harvester’s Association using Google. I hate the word “harvest” in relation to cats or any animal. It is just horrible.

        I just want to say that Britain may be better now but in the past we were just the same. I just feel that in parts of America hunting and trapping is still big and in my opinion it is time to stop. Over. Finish. Let’s change our relationship with wild animals before there are only a few left when people will start bleating “What happened?”

        • Who the hell are buying these furs? Marc is right about most parts of Kansas, as is Liz regarding making disparaging remarks about ones own country but on the other hand, this country is huge and so much of it feels to me like third world living and attitudes. I think many so called third world countries are much better than Kansas, who should know better. I wonder in how many states fur ” harvesting” is legal?

          This is one case where ignorance on my part would be bliss. This hurts at my core.

          • Agreed, we are better off not knowing about it as you say. Reading it and seeing it damages people who are sensitive to the needs of wildlife. It truly is depressing for people like me.

            • I’m not exactly sure why I’m torturing myself, but as it turns out it is legal to hunt bobcat in Kansas. There are rules and regulations as to how, what kind of traps, number of animals per season and so on. It is very disheartening. They claim it is necessary to control the population. Bobcats bring in the most money for their furs. There are a list of animals that can be hunted for fur, but fur hunters are responsible for more than 3000 bobcat in a season. I’m sure it is exploited beyond the ability to control it.

              I wouldn’t go googling, my friends.

              • Thanks for the research dw. Hunters will always find a way to justify killing animals. It is like vets justifying declawing cats. I think people should think about stopping breeding and give the cats a bit more space.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Good that you wrote this story and provided pictures. It needs to see the light of day. I always appreciate a cat post where the topic involves ethics because it creates awareness and results in stimulating thought about the topic.

    Even so, when I see this kind of thing I feel nauseous and sad. I’m angry at that woman. A Bobcat is no threat to humans, so the question is why did she do it?

    Was it for sport? Did she perceive it as a threat?

    Marc is right, I’d imagine she shot it while it was helpless in that trap. The act was clearly that of a cruel bully.

    She’s obviously ignorant and has little reverence for sentient life outside of the human race.

    Michael, you’re right – California (along with Oregon and Washington State) tends to be ethically progressive in their attitudes and laws. They’re concerned about the important stuff such as vegetarianism, animal rights, human rights, and environmental issues.

    I live in the Midwest, which is probably the second most progressive area next to the West Coast.

    I can relate to California mentality and wish the other states would follow suite.

    I don’t feel comfortable about slamming other regions of my country, but they seem to be a bit behind in regards to the most important issues.

    You’re also right that the killing of wild animals is due to lack of respect for them. Though there are people and organizations who do care about wild animals, there are far too many who don’t care.

    The root cause is that the school systems have failed to teach proper or even adequate respect for both animals and the environment. The school system is concerned about creating a tax paying career person.

    It seems money trumps ethics. Sad but true.

    This needs to change since it is the core cause of wrongdoings.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

    • What a great comment Hairless Cat. Love your comment. Very informative and it adds a lot to the post. I need to know your real name 🙂 I don’t want to continue to call you “hairless cat”. Although I understand it means a person (relatively hairless compared to a cat) who loves cats. You are too important to the cause to have an alias. The cause is: respect the cat.

      You are the first person to highlight the school system as a contributor to the failure in education to teach kids to respect wildlife, to preserve wildlife and all the beautiful wild cats. The wild cats are so impressive. They are the ancestors to the domestic cat. They are the true cat. We must learn to love the wild cat whatever the species. They are the heartbeat of the domestic cat. I want to hold them and protect them. But I respect their wildness.

      • Hi Michael,

        Thank you for the compliment. Since it came from you, I value it more than I can say. I’m glad I can give back to a person like you and collection of valuable posts like you have on your site. Love your website.

        I’ve been admiring the quality and length of your posts for some time now. Your thoughts and stances on issues are extremely impressive. You’re top shelf all the way.

        You have very admirable ethics too. I wish everyone could see the big picture as well as the details as you do. The world would be a much better place.

        I like how you make it clear in the majority of your writings that the cause is “Respect The Cat”.

        You’re definitely a kindred spirit 🙂

        Since you were wondering – my real name is Liz. You can call me that or Hairless Cat or Hairless Cat Girl. I like all three names equally well.

        Again, thanx for the compliment. That meant a lot to me. Keep churning out the epic posts. I’m really enjoying them.

        Liz aka =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  3. I am so shocked and sickened that I can hardly find words to express how this makes me feel. The wrong one of the two in this picture is dead.

  4. Look at her – she is disgusting and typical looking, and we all know Kansas is the back end of butt….. Clearly she was a very large accident. Gimme her link!

  5. And it looks like the cat was killed once it had been trapped – I’d really like to give her a piece of my mind and let her enjoy blocking me. I think you should put the link here for all to see – just saying.

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