A Look at A1 Savannahs Farm

Although this excellent video is in German, it does show visitors what A1 Savannahs is like. A1 Savannahs is a very high profile and well known Savannah cat breeder near Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. They are possibly the world’s best know cat breeder.

They have raised some very famous cats including Magic, the Guinness World Record holder. Their Savannah cats are beautiful. For me however, all cats are equally beautiful and the most vulnerable cat is the most beautiful of all cats.

Kathrin Stucki is the person who opens the door to the visitor. With her husband Martin she owns and manages A1 Savannahs. I believe they are now in partnership with someone else to allow them some free time to do other things. Kathrin might comment on that.

The facilities at A1 Savannahs are probably the best in the country. The word “farm” best describes it because there are lots of other animals and lots of acreage (see photos below). It is a really nice place to visit.

This is the view from the field behind the cat enclosures:

Harmony - A1 Savannahs Farm

In the video you’ll see a guest house to the right as the car enters the farm. That is where I stayed when I visited. It is a nice house. For a British person the weather in Oklahoma is quite extreme. There was a storm when I was there and it was very hot on occasions. I liked the place a lot. The Stuckis are very generous hosts. The hospitality was second to none.

This is a picture from near the back door of the guest house:

Buffalo and goats

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A Look at A1 Savannahs Farm — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for this excellent video and information on the “Savannah Cat”. They are really expensive with prices ranging from U.S $ 1,500 to upwards of U.S $ 10,000 depending on pedigree.Very dog-like in habits and a miniature leopard in appearance.

    • They can cost more than $10,000! LOL. The top F1s are hard to breed and superb. I think they sell for around $20,000 and perhaps more depending on quality.

      Great place isn’t it.

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