A Vegetarian Cat

vegetarian catCan there be such a thing as a vegetarian cat?No, because as discussed before by countless people, including me, cats are “obligate” carnivores, they gotta have that meat (flesh to me). But wait a bit. A domestic cat’s ideal diet would be made up of protein and fats from small prey such as rodents. We all know that. And I have referred to the problems of a dry food (kibble) diet on other posts (see a list of links to other posts on cat food and see Homemade Cat Food).

But one emerging thought is that the manufactured cat food that is meant to replicate a natural cat food is sufficiently unnatural to allow me to argue that a vegetarian diet might be as good (or as bad?) as conventional cat food. It may even be more healthy, I don’t know. After all a cat has to get used to kibble (dry cat food – see best dry cat food) which is high in carbohydrates. Even wet (canned) cat food is generally pretty poor in quality and contains stuff that a cat would not normally eat (see best canned cat food). Heavens, it contains things we don’t really want to think about too much. It is heavily processed and flavored – a sort of false or fake food really.

Provided the vegetarian cat food contains all the necessary components that a cat needs such as taurine etc, it may be healthier. Sometimes I think anything is healthier than some cat food, which can look unappetizing. A cat will have to adapt but it could be argued that the cat has already had to adapt to cat food anyway, as it is so unnatural, particularly dry cat food, which is a large part of the cat food market.

I am not suggesting that this is the right way to go. I am just arguing that vegetarian cat food with supplements might not be any worse than conventional manufactured cat food and even might be healthier. And as to adapting, the domestic cat has had to adapt in all kinds of ways to fit into the human’s life style and we never seem to disagree with that. For example, many millions of cats are full-time indoor cats. These cats never touch or smell what is natural to them. A vegetarian cat just might be the next form of development of the domestic cat, the next stage in the evolution of this once wild animal.

One manufacturer in America, Evolution Diet, claims that their vegetarian diet results in up to 30% longer life expectancy and 30% less feeding (because the food is more concentrated). These are quite bold claims. Does that work out at cheaper food or is the food more expensive to counteract eating less of it? – I don’t know. A manufacturer/seller in the UK would be VeggiePets, the same kind of product I suppose. I might try it and report back. There is no doubt, though, that a properly and carefully prepared homemade cat food is the best route to take but 99% of us simply don’t have to motivation or time or confidence to go down that route.

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A Vegetarian Cat to Homemade Cat Food

A Vegetarian Cat? Photo: — he likes radishes – by P-tit

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