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A1 Savannahs Matanah Me Al aka Motzie — 2 Comments

  1. Ha! Seven cats? You are blessed! But believe you me, if you think you can handle “one” more? Look out, ‘cuz this one, even if an F5 Savannah, is going to make you think you now have fourteen! 😉

    I had five cats/kittens at one time, in a big bungalow with approx. an acre of property. But never did have more than five as that was our limit within the city limits (w/o a cattery license). Wish we both could realistically afford -monetarily and time/energy-wise to have our babies. (I’ve researched them online for two years now, and it will probably be at least two yrs or more until I can secure the ideal situation for the “little” sweetheart!) 🙂 Wish you the best, Cal

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