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Abandoning Your Wild Cat Hybrid — 8 Comments

  1. Where were we supposed to go with this topic, Michael? Where were you hoping it would go? I am still waiting, because, I imagine, none of your readers have ever abandoned your wild cat hybrid. ? Pick this up again, please. I, and I’m certain, many others, are mere pavlov’s dogs, salivating at the chance to recondition positively and love to the end of this world, one of these mistreated felines…

  2. Is a Bengal a wild cat hybrid? Someone dumped a Bengal in a carrier, without food or water, outside the door of The Cat Network today. It was a warm day. She could have died. Or the carrier could have been picked up by some sicko and who knows what could have happened to her? The volunteers put her in a covered cage in a quiet area in the back where she could calm down. She was howling in the carrier and very agitated. The plan is to foster her, not keep her at the shelter. The volunteers were shocked, because a Bengal is an expensive cat. They said Bengals don’t generally do well with other cats. What do you think? I questioned whether a Bengal would bond well with a new family. Some wild cat hybrids bond just with their first caretaker, it seems. I hope the Bengal dumped at the shelter can find her forever home soon.

    • Ruth, I think that is so very sad. I know nothing about your cat Network The Cat Network,” but I’d like to think that they put him/her there in the carrier just before dropping him at the entrance. Without food, nor water? well, again, maybe they already knew the hrs. and made a quick getaway. hopefully. That is truly sad. They may have cared very much, but then, rather than trusting their own “network” of friends, maybe they believed that The Cat Network” was the appropriate solution to a horrible dilemma. imho.

      You wouldn’t, I wouldn’t. I donn’t know why they would, but I like to think the best. –I’m wrong half of the time, i think….

      • I have a couple of articles about The Cat network in West Allis, WI on PoC. They are a class act. Their hours are posted on the door. However, sometimes something comes up and they don’t open at the listed times. Last week they chose to close since it was Mother’s Day. It’s on kind of a busy street. I wouldn’t just dump a cat in a carrier by their front door, where any horrible person could have come by. And it was hot out today. The volunteers said people almost always have really stupid reasons for bringing cats to the shelter. Maybe it’s easier just to dump the animal than to have to tell that stupid reason to an actual person.

        • Maybe it’s easier for whom? the organization or the fool who suddenly realized that they did not have the mental nor physical strength to deal with that poor feline. I am so naive, Ruth. My vigor, my strength, my reflexes are so down-on-the-ground with that cat. You, me, and every one else on Michael’s P-o-C site! wow.. [that’s what the physicist said when

  3. Leave wild cats in the wild I say.
    Stop breeding hybrids for money and ego trips and give a home to a dometic cat in desperate need of one.

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