About Us and Our Relationship with Animals

“Sometimes it is difficult to express an emotion because the voice of the heart is silent”. This person on Facebook said it but I don’t know who she is.

Us and animals. Gosh, this picture touches the heart.
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I don’t know who created the image. But praise should be given to them. Beautiful idea. It is very raw. And it is about cats too. Because it is about our relationship with animals forgetting that we are a species of animal. I know that upsets some people. But our distance from animals is bad for the world.

Our fear of animals is bad for the world. We must integrate better with the natural world, rather than year by year distance ourselves from it. Unfortunately we can’t do it. We prefer to try and control it or, in the extreme, destroy it – the ultimate form of control.

This is a poor child in a relationship with a rat. You can’t get better than that – for putting aside our special human arrogance.

This rat is dead it seems. Is the child mourning the loss? Or are they are going to cook it! Life is that tricky and misleading.

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