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About a cat’s determination to go home — 6 Comments

  1. My mother took a cat 6 miles from home to a shelter when I was around 5 years old. Two weeks later it walked back into our yard. I’ve heard male cats have a vast hunting ground compared to female cats. Cats are sneaky. Dogs are more likely to go up to someone to make friends and get a free trip to the shelter.

  2. I just find it utterly amazing that a cat can travel miles and miles to get home. How do they know where to go? Is it smell? An extra sense?

    • People (the “experts”) believe it is due to a cat’s ability to sense the earth’s magnetic field. It is the earth’s magnetic field that allows a compass to how where north, south, east and west is. A cat knows where north and south is etc. add to that observational intelligence and he finds his way home.

  3. Dogs need other dogs I would guess – I think cats are more capable and able to survive. Perhaps a dog in a pack of dogs would be ok though.

  4. Wonderful story.
    There are probably an equal number of cat and dog stories.
    In my opinion, cats are more resourceful. They are better hunters, can find shelter nearly anywhere, and are stubborn and dtermined as hell in their efforts to reach goals.

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