Abyssinian Kitten Picture Gallery

This is a panel of four photographs, by the same photographer, of Abyssinian kittens playing, all of which are in a similar style. They are being motivated to play with a cat tease off camera.

There are actually six pictures because two are duplicated. The second one in both cases is a slightly different treatment using photo editing. I did this to see how it looked. I think it works fine. The captions indicate which photographs I am referring to.

The pictures are by Peter Hasselbom. They come from his Flickr account photostream with his written permission. I hope to publish some more of his work over the forthcoming days. I hope Peter does not mind me having a go at a bit of post production editing.

These are square (cropped) thumbnails. Please click on the images to see large format versions and a link to Peter’s photostream (photo library on Flickr).

For anyone who is interested, this is what I did to the second versions:

  • Put in some fill light to lighten the shadow areas,
  • Reduced the highlights a bit,
  • Lowered to contrast a bit,
  • Used image selector to remove the background,
  • Placed the foreground on a new background that was black to grey of brown shaded.

As the original photographs are quite artificial in character (in a nice and interesting way) I think making the background cleaner and even more artificial works.

Peter used a sort of home studio set up to create these photographs. He has used two flashlights. This has allowed him to freeze fast moving action, which is a major reason why the photographs are interesting.

The kittens appear to be a mixture of standard rudi, blue and sorrel colors. But I find the Abyssinian colors tricky to be honest. Also the light is deliberately low level making if difficult to pick out the coat type.

Thanks to Peter for letting me publish these excellent Abyssinian kitten photos on PoC.

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