Adults Let Down Kid and Kill Cat

This kid has been badly let down by adults. I think he has learned an early lesson the hard way that people often let you down and worse. Rayden is an 8 year old boy from Logan, Utah, USA. He had a black cat he called Toothless although he had teeth. Toothless liked to go outside. He went out and someone picked him up and gave him to police to take away. There are people like that. They don’t like cats and have no morals really.

When Rayden was searching for his lost cat the person who abducted Toothless denied seeing him. And then after pretty frantic searching his father found him in a local shelter; the Cache Humane Society. Toothless was caged and scared and thrilled to see Rayden’s dad. The shelter staff said they would put a note on the cage to not euthanise him. Toothless couldn’t be taken home right away because it was too late to pay a fee. Next day Toothless was dead. The lady had forgotten to put the note on the cage. Rayden loved his cat. He is bemused at how badly he has been let down. One lie, one mistake and one dead loved companion. Rayden wrote “Yesterday grown-ups killed my kitty, my best friend, when they weren’t supposed to.” His brother also loved Toothless.

This is not the first story about mistaken euthanasia of cats that I have encountered on the internet.

3 thoughts on “Adults Let Down Kid and Kill Cat”

  1. This is so sad, through the nastiness of the man who abducted Toothless then denied it and the carelessness of the shelter person, the poor cat is dead and Rayden is heartbroken and will never trust anyone ever again.
    I don’t understand why some people put so little value on a cat’s life, the abductor obviously hates all cats and the shelter person uncaringly thought Toothless was just another cat to be killed to make rooom for more. Both should be severely punished, as should anyone so cruel or so careless, but no doubt they won’t!

  2. This is incredibly sad. Plus it’s a reminder that in the US there quite often is a cat hater in your vicinity and this can threaten the life of your cat, whether it be because it might be shot, or trapped and euthanised – or worse, poisoned or tortured. It’s such a sad story. And the mistake of not leaving the note – unbelievable incompetence beyond what I could ever imagine possible. The parents seem awfully forgiving about that. It’s not right what happened on a number of levels. For a start, the trapper man should go live somewhere else if he doesnt like cats. You don’t go to a french restaurant and ask for italian food do you? So if you don’t like cats then don’t bloody well go and live in a neighbourhood where people do. Intolerence like that is almost neanderthole in my opinion. The man should not have lied about seeing the cat. For that he is guilty of something so awful I can’t really put words to it. He must have known how much they cared for their cat. If I had my way I would eradicate all intolerance since that is about the only thing I cannot tolerate. If I dont like something I try to come to tertms with it one way or another because it exists, or I try to avoid it, but I don’t try to destroy it because that doesn’t work as has been proven time and time again. It’s a form of extremism or terrorism if you really want to start analysing it. That man is basically those two things and doesn’t belong in a civilised neighbourhood. Furthermore laws should be put in place. If you ki,l a cat here by accident driving you get a huge fine. Nobody here would even think about killing a cat anyway. It’s just not done.

    And the person who made the ‘deadly’ mistake of forgetting to put the note on the cage should be fired immediatly. Clearly if you have a job that involves life and death and peoples loved ones you can’t afford to be incompetent. Sorry, but she should go get a job somewhere that such a mistake would not be so costly. The whole thing breaks my heart from start to finish, not so much for the boy, yes, him, but for the poor cat who lost his life at the bottom of this whole debacle. I bet this happens regularly in Canada and America. People HAVE to know over there that a shelter or humane society is quite the opposite and must be checked out immediatley if there is any doubt to your cats whereabouts. Sorry if I sound harsh!


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