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Alabama Woman Sues Shelter (euthanasia policy violation) — 45 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry for Porkchop, as I am sorry for all the cats that have boiling water poured on them, fed antifreeze and fed to fighting dogs as bait.
    There is something seriously psychologically wrong with someone who has this obsessive need to control, especially animals who cant fight back, I bet these people have dogs and children and even wives who they beat into submission until they are cowering in the corner doing their masters will.

  2. He’s a troll.

    I just wanted to say that what happened to Porkchop was a crime and he needs a hero. I know he is no longer with us, but he needs the people who love cats to step up and fight so this outrage doesn’t happen again. He deserves to be avenged, legally, but with the full force of law. Cat haters working at shelter’s being arrested is becoming an all to common theme. We, who are advocates of cats rights need to voice our outrage and if we don’t give up until something in does on the federal level, cats will have rights in America. And we can’t stop there. Cats deserve rights, just as all living creatures do, in all lands and under all jurisdictions. Change must begin here!
    Good work guys. I agree, wholeheartedly with all the logical, heart-felt, cat rights-esque responses here. I just felt I needed to say it.

  3. Remember, everyone has the right to their opinions… I have mine. Because of the proclivity for cats to find their way in and out of the most unbelievable situations, it is a widely accepted standard of the industry that owners get a week, most give two weeks or more, than the go up for adoption. Straight into the furnace is a violation of this public contract. The US Constitution was built upon the principles that PUBLIC VIRTUE is the one factor that makes our brand of democracy functional. When public virtue is lacking, that is when laws must be created and acted upon to protect the rights of those who are obeying the laws and doing the right thing. This country is governed by CITIZEN SOVEREIGNTY. That means the will of the majority decide who is elected and by their various outburst and lawsuits bring about change to society that better suits that majority. I had cats trapped and killed. I was furious, but in the wrong. I became an activist to change the way the system is run. We, cat owners, do need to be responsible cat owners. The cat freedom situation is different in each area. The cats are very much in danger in my area from cars so we keep them in doors or provide barriers so they can safely live outside.

    Dale: You have the right to believe as you do, but if you want that right reserved for yourself, doesn’t everyone else deserve that same right? I respect your right to air you thoughts and I respectively disagree on the manner in which you are going about this. You are missing out on a chance to work out something we can all live with. No offense intended.


    • I agree that Dale (Woody or whoever he is) should be trying to work out a mutually agreeable solution. All he is capable of doing is to rant about killing cats.

      And I agree also that much more time needs to be given for cats to be reclaimed. It appears that some shelters have become blasé about killing cats.

  4. Hope he’ll reply. Since the readers are gathered here I want to let them know my next article will require Kleenex. Woody Woody will like it as a lot of cats lost their lives. I hate doing a sad story but this one is very important and a must read. Hopefully will get online this weekend.

  5. Dear Dale Woody Woody Woodsman: do you have an email I can send questions to as I want to interview you. And how do you feel about dogs? Do you hate them too?

  6. Yes he does sound ridiculous and no matter what anyone says he still thinks he is right so it’s pointless trying to argue with him.
    It’s a worry he might put new visitors off but on the other hand it’s a chance to set him straight and maybe educate other would be trolls by our replies (although it’s hard to keep them polite)
    I wouldn’t like to have to be the one to decide what’s best to do Michael, but I’m sure whatever you do your regular supporters will be with you.

  7. We could try the old adage:
    ‘Ignore him and he will go away’
    Because maybe he loves to be hated so as to get attention for his pathetic self.

    • Maybe. As we have discussed, some comments from him highlight the fact there are people like him around but against letting him comment is the fact that some people find his comments too distasteful. It puts them off visiting the site. Personally, I find what he says ridiculous, and I quite like taunting him. That’s probably not a good reason let him visit…

      • I LOVE hearing from Woody Woody man because he validates every abuse story I ever wrote warning cat lovers there are people out there who enjoy hurting cats. He helps us keep our cats safe by his very existance.

    • Michael I think you really should just delete him the second you smell him. It’s probably the only thing you can do which will bother him anyway. Having a discussion with an *ssh*le is a waste of time and bad vibes but not useful counter argument. I think you should make sure as few people as possible ever get to read anything he writes so he has very little to get off on. I bet he is incredibly ugly and short and incapable of living with a woman. He always talks about protecting his so called familly on his land but he probably has no familly. That’s why he is trying to make friends with the native insects and mice in his yard. If he can’t be polite and if he insists on being rud then he has no place here and is simply abusing the fact that you let him speak. People who are crazy always think that they make perfect clear word for word sense and everybody else is incredibly stupid not to see it their way.

      Woody – you are the only one who cannot tolerate cats or cat people, so why are you here? Also, alot of people love cats and alot more people have no problem with them and are fine with other people having them. If you cannot tolerate living in society then I suggest you go and live somewhere in your huge state where there are no people. Isnt that the great thing about the US. You can always have as much space as you want – you can totally go and live away from everything you don’t like. Maybe there is even a village of people like you somewhere that you can go al b*tch about cats all day. To be honest the only thing that sucks is you. Why are you even here if you hate us? Please just admit that you live for hating on people you don’t like. Thats one of your favourite things to do, to prey on us and troll cat forums. How does it feel to be the only one most of us have ever seen doing what you do? Where are all your invisible friends who agree with you and who also go and murder cats because they think cats are evil.

      Woody, you are the only angry cat hating internet trolling loser I have ever met. I think because most cat haters dont know how to use the internet and to be honest they are probably too busy trapping wolves and Bobcats. Do you have any other purpose in life? I would love it if you didn’t even reply to this so I don’t have to scroll futher down the page. You are going to die Woody. What a stupid life you live. You will die hating cats. Cats have really got you so bad in this life Woody. Cats 1 – Woody 0.

    • Michael: I’m not even closed to being riled…yet. =)

      After 11 years in homicide, believe this clown doesn’t even have the power to rile me. But, he is fun to kibbitz with. These types always lose in the end.

  8. As for you Dale I didn’t want to taint Elisa’s name with yours in the same comment.You are seriously and dangerously insane and we can only hope a cell door slams on you very soon without access to any computer to vent your ugly mind and hate on under your various cowardly aliases.

  9. This has made me so sad,a kitten had his life taken because he wanted to have a little adventure.
    I agree Elisa what is WRONG with people that this tragedy happened?
    What a rotten corrupt world we live in now because of some unfeeling people.

    • Unfortunately for you, people now see cat-lovers as rotten and corrupt for causing all these problems for everyone in the world, including their cats. Got a mirror?

      • Got a mirror? got a mirror? You sound like a Parrot you nutter! Cat lovers are NOT the problem, shelters that kill a kitten then blatantly lie about it are the problem! Do you want the mirror to look at yourself to see what an idiot you are?

    • Yes, criminal negligence. That’s why there are laws defined as “animal neglect”, “animal abandonment”, and “animal endangerment” on the books in every country. All are criminal offenses. If you let a cat roam free in traffic you can be fined and convicted of animal-endangerment and all the others. And nobody will bat an eye as they lock the cell-door on you. They’ll just wait for you to pay your well-deserved fines.

      • Yup….you are an idiot. You obviously are ignorant of laws as well. There is no such thing as a “criminal negligence” law regarding animals who accidentally escape their domain.Very few spend any time behind bars with the exception of the most severe cases of animal cruelty.

  10. Yes Elisa what is WRONG with the people who did this and what is WRONG with the people who think a cat’s life is of so little importance?
    Kaitlyn has every right to sue, I hope she wins her case.
    The Shelter let poor little Porkchop down very badly, they want closing down for killing a cat so quickly with no reason.
    It’s alright for people saying the kitten shouldn’t have been out, they obviously don’t know just how quick kittens are, just like with small children you need eyes in the back of your head to watch them.
    If a child got out by mistake should it be OK to take him away to be killed without searching for his parents or giving them chance to find and claim him?
    Of course not and a kitten is just as innocent as a child, you can’t put an old head on young shoulders.
    The haste with which the neighbour took him to the Shelter is disgusting, why couldn’t he just ask around the doors, it must have been obvious he was out by mistake.
    So much bitterness and hatred from you Dale, I’m sick of reading it, have you nothing better to do than wait to swoop on any article you can to get your hatred of cats and cat lovers over?
    We’ve all heard you, you are boring, you’ve made NO impression on our love of cats and our care for ALL cats and you never will.

    • If their child got hit by a car, would they blame the car? Why then are you blaming everyone else for your own criminal negligence when it comes to cats?

    • I guess you’ll just never “get it”, will you. The majority of the world doesn’t care one little bit about your cat. Finding a penny on the street would be more valuable than finding one of your cats. At least that penny is useful for something and won’t bring further wasted time and effort into the person’s life. Until you comprehend that; the more that you try to force people to love your cats (like a lawsuit is going to do that? really? that’s what you think?), the more you will make people despise you AND your cats. You’re only digging a huge hole for yourselves from which you will NEVER recover. And nobody will care one bit — about you or your cats — EVER.

  11. Harvey, when are you cat-lovers going to comprehend? You have already wasted the valuable time and lives of others by having to deal with your stray vermin and now you want them to waste more of their time, lives, and money to correct your criminally negligent behavior? Sorry, you can’t manipulate the world to do your job for you. If you want a cat take care of it. If you don’t? Suffer the consequences. Why do you think that if you own a cat the whole world is supposed to automatically take care of it FOR YOU? No other pet owner type in the world expects this of their neighbor. If their pet dies from the pet-owner’s own neglect, they blame themselves. Why are cat lovers so unconscionably blind to their own manipulative self-victimization tactics? That’s the real question. Perhaps you should pay all your neighbors a down-payment of $1000 each to return your cat for you. And another $1000 after each time your cat is returned. That might help you get your cats back. Make it worth everyone’s effort.

    • Dale: You need to STFU. I spent 21 years around obstreperous, contemptuous dolts like you. You are what make society a hateful place to be these days.

      If you had read the article, you would have realized the owner was looking for her cat. The shelter LIED to her. They also violated their own policy. They have also pulled some other stunts that are anything, but admirable.

      Speaking of mirrors. Have you looked in yours lately? If BUIP was an arrestable offense, you would have already spent a fair amount of time in the pokey.

      • Boo hoo. Too bad. So sad. Nobody cares one bit anymore if your cats die by traffic or by the hands of others. Catching on yet? Haul in your cats. After you’ve successfully accomplished that then maybe in 2 more decades you can reverse that public opinion and start to convince everyone that cats’ lives are worth a penny. As of now, they AND you are only a HUGE debt and detriment to all of society and all life on the planet.

        • Dale: So you are saying cats are a detriment? And, you are saying I am a detriment to society? How can that be? Cats help keep rodents populations down. Many are used for companion therapy. As for me, not ONE day of welfare in my life. No handouts of ANY kind.

          You on the other hand whine like a sick socialist that believes in getting rid of everything you either don’t agree or doesn’t agree with you. Must be a wretched life for you. You carry a lot of bitterness. Did a cat poo poo in your flower bed?

    • Dale, you are Woodsman doing your best to be someone else but your bile leaks out of you like a poison. You’re name and defective email address are banned from PoC.

  12. To recap, the shelter lied about their receipt of the cat and used the lie to justify killing the cat immediately on receipt. They also kill all feral cats without question, which probably includes strays because it is hard to tell the difference. Stray cats are often owned by someone.

    Conclusion: this so called shelter should be shut down or the word “shelter” removed from its title: Mobile County Animal Shelter.

    What about: Mobile County Animal Reprocessing Facility.

    As Harvey says, the person who took the Porkchop to the reprocessing facility is also culpable to a certain extent as he could have knocked on some doors and asked some questions.

    Also in my honest opinion there is an element of contributory negligence by the cat’s owner. She had a full-time indoor cat. It is up to her to ensure the cat is safe at all times.

    Looks like three sets of humans have done this cat a disservice that has cost him his life.


  13. I guess her next cat needs to be ran over by a car or chopped in half by her own car’s fan-blade before she see who is really at fault here. Seriously, do none of you own or know how to use the mirrors in your homes?

    • Do not feed the troll. He is on a cat lovers site causing trouble while he stuffs beer and snacks into his fat, stupid face. Its his idea of entertainment. Ignore him and he will go and annoy someone else.

  14. Why is this woman blaming others for her killing her own cat? She knows the behavior of cats or she wouldn’t have wanted one for a pet. She took the risk, proved she was an irresponsible pet owner, and is now deservedly suffering the consequences of her criminally negligent behavior.

    Boo hoo. Too bad. So sad. There’s millions more unwanted cats for you to equally neglect. Pick one out.

  15. It seems that shelter has a well-oiled industrial process for handling animals as if they were pests. I have come across this before. The quicker the animal is put down the less the work entailed and less or no food. That all costs money and the shelter is not interested in animal care, only reducing expenses. The person who took Porkchop so quickly to the shelter is also not completely blameless. A small well-fed friendly kitten is obviously no feral stray. He should have put more effort into finding the owner or some person to adopt it.

    • Why do they call them shelters when they don’t actually shelter anything? perhaps abattoir would be more appropriate? Or death row?

      • The name “shelter” has always mystified me. There are genuine no-kill shelters where no animal is ever killed but as far as I know (and the statistics are probably not out there) they are pretty rare. In general shelters seem to be processing plants with a bias against certain types of cats that might be unfair.

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