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All behavior is a form of communication — 10 Comments

  1. Yes great article and people should take the trouble and time to learn to read their cats behaviour and it all becomes clear.

  2. interesting article michael.it reminds me of the show “my cat from hell”which airs every saturday on the animal planet.

      • My Cat From Hell is a good show all things considered I believe. It teaches people their responsibilities and how to respect and understand a cat’s behaviour. I think Jackson G is a pretty good and highly experienced guy. I know for a fact he didn’t want the title of the series to be what it is but it was the only way Animal Planet would have it at the end of the day. It attracts viewers sadly but it’s better to attract more viewers in the end because the message of the series is a very good and omportant one. It makes cat caretakers look a bit more at themselves for a start 🙂

  3. Yes we must learn to read a cat’s behavioural signals because they can’t tell us in words what it means and some people don’t even understand that a cat’s ‘misbehaviour’ isn’t the same as the misbehaviour of a naughty child. There is always a reason for everything cats do.
    I’ve noticed nowadays how so many mothers in shops shout at their children, instead of calmly telling them to do as they are told, no wonder their minds get messed up.
    It makes me wonder how the family pets get treated, if a person doesn’t even understand and gently correct her own child’s behaviour then the family pets have no chance of theirs being understood and the children think shouting at their pets is normal.

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