Amazing Looking Persian Cat

This is a Helmi Flick photo that is quite typical for her but for outsiders this cat looks pretty amazing. People know me. For me, every cat is equal; it is cat communism not cat capitalism. I have the same attraction towards all cats. However, I can recognise an interesting looking cat when I see one. People who are into show cats etc. like to see outstanding cats.

Bicolor black and white Persian cat
Photo is copyright Helmi Flick. People who steal the photo will be put into the stocks and rotten tomatoes thrown at them. Then, they will be forced to parade through the streets naked shouting “I violated Helmi Flick’s copyright”, whereupon they themselves will be violated. Don’t steal this photo. – this caption is both a bit of a joke and serious at the same time
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Well, this is a bicolor Persian. The symmetry in the fur and pattern in unnerving. The top of the head looks flat because the ears level it off. It is rather strange looking.

I find it astonishing that the breeder managed to achieve a totally symmetrical pattern on the face like this. There is obviously a lot of luck involved in selective breeding.

It is as if this cat is wearing a hood of some sort that has been slipped over her head. The eyes are this classic bright orange. Perhaps the color is copper. I am not sure. They look deep orange to me and there is a lot of strange marbleization within the iris of the eyes.

Another surprising feature is the grey or white colored hair coming out of the ears set against the black hair elsewhere. The long ear hair is called “ear furnishings”, which in itself is strange terminology.

All in all a most amazing looking Persian cat. I prefer moggies though……..sorry.

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7 thoughts on “Amazing Looking Persian Cat”

  1. You make it sound like the breeder ‘achieved’ something but I doubt that more than deciding to stick one cat in a room with another in the hopes of some kind of result.

    Not much of an acheivement in my book.

    • Well, there is some selection going on and that selection process takes place over many years. This is how breeders gradually go too far by constantly “refining” the cats by selecting cats that are already pretty extreme. I wish a breeder would comment. They never do.

  2. Just another beautiful cat because to me even the mangiest battered old tom cat is a work of art too.
    Michael I laughed at your dramatic warning not to steal the photo and it reminded me of this silly limerick:
    ‘I know a man and his name is Jim,
    I love to throw tomatoes at him.
    Tomatoes are soft and don’t hurt the skin,
    But these ones do as they are still in the tin.

    lol lol 😉

    • I am pleased you got some enjoyment from the copyright warning. I enjoyed your limerick too. I can think of a few people I would like to throw tomatoes at, but only if they are in the tin.

  3. This Persian has the tuxedo pattern which although not common is not uncommon either. To me this a good Persian with a functional healthy nose. I have seen Persians at WCF Shows with very sunk-in noses which is not only ugly but a serious deformation and health risk. The owners think the more deformed the better. Shame on them.


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