American Bobtail Breeders

American Bobtail Breeders sources and selected catteries are listed. There are few. The intention is to reduce a visitor’s workload in concentrating the search results. Google search results produce three kinds of source of breeders: Listings in breeders listing websites, club listings and individual catteries. List compiled August 2010. The individual catteries ranked high in Google search results indicating long standing catteries and good websites. Note: things change and links become broken over time.

Lists of Breeders

USA + Canada

American Bobtail Breeders Club listing

American Bobtail Breeders Club Members — this link is broken at Nov 2016.

CFA listed breeders

TICA Breeder List


None found.

Aus + NZ

None found

Selected Individual Breeders 2010

Attitude Acres – Lakewood, California, USA. The picture is of their cat: CH. Attitude Acre’s Kiri of Tsalagivalley

White Tail Run – Loudoun County, Virginia, USA

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