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  2. The photo taken in the autumn sun and leaves is just stunning. This is what paradise looks like. One day I will be taking similar photos of my cats enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I really love that photo, it’s great and it shows how well the tabby coat blends to the light and colours of the outdoors.

    • Red would have loved those huge leaves you can see on the ground. This is exactly how it will be outside my house. I think its nice to leave the leaves on the ground because they are beautiful and they naturally insulate and feed the soil – my place will be quite wild in places and there will be many little paths and tunnels – most of them not for humans. I will also grow lots of plants for the cats such as lavender which they just love and catnip and anything else really. I’ll plant wildflowers and I won’t mow my lawn so they can snooze in the long grass and flowers completely out of sight in privacy if they so wish. I think I will go and snooze with them if its warm but I will lie on a mat so I am not having so many insects in my clothes!

      I can’t wait. It’s a great photo that one and looks like a lovely house, nicely kept according to my rather free for all standards.

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