American Bobtail Cat Facts For Kids

A page on the American Bobtail written for children and people who like straightforward English and great pictures in a slideshow. Look at the 2nd picture to see a young girl with her Bobtail.

The slide show below works by itself. You just have to watch. If you put your mouse pointer over the picture you’ll see some words as well. I would say that this cat is good with kids because he is a cool cat. If you’re a kid, reading this, tell your mom and dad ;).

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This cat is a breed of cat. You can click here to read what “cat breed” means in straightforward English. Because the name of this cat is not that different to “American Bobcat” some people might think that this cat is a sort of wild cat. It is not. This is a house cat just like any other. The big thing is that the tail is “bobbed”. This means short. How did it happen?

The short tail was created because of a “genetic mutation”. That is complicated stuff but it basically means that sometimes when cats have kittens things can go wrong and the kittens are not like their parents. This happens quite a lot and this time a kitten’s tail was very short. In 1960, one of these cats was found in an American Indian reservation in Arizona by John and Brenda Saunders. Basically, a moggie with a very short tail wandered into the lives of a couple of Americans living in Arizona, America. After lots of work, cat breeders created more American Bobtails and this cat breed started.

How does this cat behave?

We know that the American Bobtail is a friendly cat that is easy to live with. The American Bobtail is probably good with children because they are friendly and well behaved. The best cat for kids is, maybe, the American Shorthair.

How does this cat look?

This cat should look wild and strong but be very friendly and domestic. You’ll see this cat in many different types of colors and patterns. The famous tail should be about one and a half inches long to six inches long. It should be straight. There are short haired and long haired American Bobtails.

Rare Breed?

This is quite a rare cat breed. Perhaps, I should say, that not many people have an American Bobtail as a cat companion. The coats and patterns should be like the wild cat. That means a tabby coat. That said, you will see other coat colors and patterns.

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  1. The photo taken in the autumn sun and leaves is just stunning. This is what paradise looks like. One day I will be taking similar photos of my cats enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I really love that photo, it’s great and it shows how well the tabby coat blends to the light and colours of the outdoors.

    • Red would have loved those huge leaves you can see on the ground. This is exactly how it will be outside my house. I think its nice to leave the leaves on the ground because they are beautiful and they naturally insulate and feed the soil – my place will be quite wild in places and there will be many little paths and tunnels – most of them not for humans. I will also grow lots of plants for the cats such as lavender which they just love and catnip and anything else really. I’ll plant wildflowers and I won’t mow my lawn so they can snooze in the long grass and flowers completely out of sight in privacy if they so wish. I think I will go and snooze with them if its warm but I will lie on a mat so I am not having so many insects in my clothes!

      I can’t wait. It’s a great photo that one and looks like a lovely house, nicely kept according to my rather free for all standards.


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