American Bobtail FERGIE

Longhair American Bobtail FergieAmerican Bobtail FERGIE – photo copyright Helmi Flick

This boy is a longhaired American Bobail. You can see more of him plus some of the important aspects of the breed standard on this page. Fergie is an extremely handsome cat. His coat compliments his steely blue eyes perfectly. Although any eye colour and coat colour is allowed. What I find interesting about Fergie is that he has a grey/silver lynx pointed face and a light brown spotted (almost mackerel) tabby coat. Coat types can be very complicated but of I am not mistaken Fergie is a lynx pointed (tabby pointed) American Bobtail. The lynx pointed Bobtail “mask”..”must be clearly lined with dark stripes vertical on forehead with classic “M” on forehead, horizontal on cheeks and dark spots on whisker pads clearly outlined in dark color edges..” [CFA Breed Standard].

Longhaired American Bobtails are rarer than their shorthaired counterparts as the gene producing longhair is recessive. The coat is, in fact, “semi-long”. Longer hair on the cheeks is desirable. The coat is shaggy rather than dense; probably to accentuate the desirable wild look.

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