American Shorthair Cat PIPER

Cats are kindly masters, just so long as you remember your place.– Paul GrayThousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this. – Anonymous – see Egyptian Cat Art.

Time spent with cats is never wasted. – May Sarton

“The American Shorthair is known for the beautiful silver classic pattern” – Gloria Stephens Legacy of the Cat. Piper is a classic tabby patterned silver background American Shorthair Cat! This appearance has been developed and cultivated over many years. This breed is referred to as an ASH.

Amerircan Shorthair cat Piper
American Shorthair Cat PIPER – photo copyright Helmi FlickThis popular cat breed (8th out of over 70) is meant to be heavy. I guess that means well muscled. After all this cat was a working barn cat like the Maine Coon in days past. Another feature of this breed is the square muzzle. The body shape is described as semi-cobby. The eyes are large and round and the ears are medium in size. These are the characteristics of a normal shaped cat! This cat should not be extreme like the Ultra Persian.

American Shorthair Cat PIPER to American Shorthair Cat

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