American Shorthair Cat Quiz

American Shorthair Kitten
American Shorthair Kitten
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This is a quiz on this very popular and well known cat breed. This is quite a tricky quiz but it is fun. Please read about the American Shorthair.

American Shorthair Quiz

This is a multichoice straightforward quiz about the American Shorthair cat. You get points when you get answers right. You can make mistakes and still get points!
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I hope you enjoyed the quiz. Please leave a comment and tell us how you got on.

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2 thoughts on “American Shorthair Cat Quiz”

  1. Not continuing until I get slapped on the wrist for that 1st question, Michael. You said, ‘tricky,’ so I was thinking, well, history of the American Shorthair as a recognised breed. thus, 100 yrs, rather than 400. Ouch! 😉

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