American Shorthair Photographic Portrait

An outstanding photographic portrait by Helmi Flick of the popular American Shorthair. It has a “portrait” quality, hence the title. It is quite formal and straightfoward. The coat is classic silver tabby. This is considered to be the coat most favoured by breeders of this cat and buyers as far as I am aware.

Regrettable but important note: This picture is protected by copyright and cannot be uploaded to Pinterest. If it is I’ll have it deleted. Also, it cannot be uploaded to any other website without the express permission of the photographer. If it is I’ll make a complaint to Google under their DMCA policy. If it is a Google Blog (Blogspot), Google delete the page otherwise the page is delisted from search results. Very sorry, but there has been too much copyright violation.

American Shorthair Portrait
Photo copyright Helmi Flick — American Shorthair Portrait
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You can see how Ken and Helmi Flick take these photographs by clicking on this link. Also this page: Helmi Flick and digital photography, discusses method.

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2 thoughts on “American Shorthair Photographic Portrait”

  1. Michael it’s a beautiful photo and cat. Another sad option but possible would be to watermark it without invading too much.

    • I do watermark. I have done it many times. I have removed right click download and I don’t want to spoil the purity of this photograph. A one off because it is so pure and classic.


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