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An American Cat Show Video — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting – well filmed. It’s always awkward to look at cats being objectified by humans like as if they were a nice vase or a fancy teapot on the antiques roadshow. I find it uncomfortable when any living thing including humans are objectified as such. The process bothers me. It exists. I just don’t find myself able to enjoy it per se.

    • Cat breeders see purebred cats as ornamental vases 😉 You said it and it is basically true. It is a nice analogy. Appearance is almost everything for lots of cat breeders. This is what is wrong. We shouldn’t be breeding cats at all if we are really honest.

    • It is noisy. I do remember the general background noise well and the noise outside from the wind. Helmi photographed the cats in a side room where she set up her photo studio. The lighting in the side room was very dull but the Flip camcorder coped admirably with it I think. They are great camcorders. Shame Cisco stopped making them. All the F1 Savannah cat videos of Magic and Titan were made on a Flip camcorder.

  2. Thanks Michael for this excellent video that briefly demonstrates a cat show and the method of judging. This video is beneficial to viewers like me in India who have never ever been to a “Cat Show”. I have visited numerous “Dog Shows” in India having myself owned a prize winning dacshund and find some similarity in both, only difference is that the cat is a smaller animal and is not paraded in the show ring on a leash unlike dogs.

    • I am pleased you found it interesting. Although it is short and sparse I think it conveys what an American cat show is like. The ones I went to were all held in these functional facilities with high ceilings. Quite noisy.

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