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  1. Marc and Dee, and Harvey. Yes. And, when I read the post (but not yet the comments) I thought, it’s more about power than hating. Meaning the feeling of power is in the forefront, although, now that I think about it, power is the means to exercise hatred.

    And, yes, Marc and Dee, I agree that this man is “acting out” (best phrase I could come up with) his desire to hurt humans. I wish I could remember where I read this- maybe on PoC, but also elsewhere, that for particular really screwed up people, violence against animals is a predictor of violence against humans. In one instance (I’ll have to go see if I can find it) man killed girlfriend’s cat, and then went on to beat up the “girlfriend”. Domestic violence.

    I am prompted to wonder if violence against cats (and not dogs) is associated with violence against women. And, the desire to control. Power again. To make an admittedly contentious leap of logic— cats are often seen as being associated with the feminine, at least by some men. Mysterious. Feline. Difficult to control. The latter “difficult to control” would be an issue for a particular type of man who hates women.

    On a more cheerful note, I would guess that men who like cats also like women, in the truest sense.

    • I think the mayor hates the world generally. He has an anger problem and expresses it in various ways one of which is to kill something anything and the stray cat is occasionally a very suitable and easy target.

  2. What about squirrels or rabbits in the road? Why are those animals not targets? Possums and raccoons also get a pass, I suppose. Why not skunks? They have “no business” being in the road. How about a deer? Or a cow? Also no business being there. Of course he won’t hit anything that could damage his car. But rabbits and squirrels are cat sized or smaller, plus no human cares about them usually. Rabbits eat from people’s gardens, squirrels get into attics and cause damage. Yet he feels no need to control their populations?

    His real aim is to hurt humans then– because some human probably cares about that cat. I’ll bet if he knew someone was feeding and had tamed some squirrels he would accelerate and try to run over squirrels in that neighborhood, hoping to kill one the person would actually miss.

    • How do these people end up in power?

      I think I know why.

      Because success according to mainstream cultural values means being powerful or rich or cool or promoted and to get those things you have to be an a**hole for the most part. To do well in business you have to be ready to stab somebody in the back to get to the top. To be able to rip people off to get money. The structure of our culture is often immoral in my opinion. If you are nice you don’t succeed how cultrue defines it anyway.

      (Success obviously is personal in truth).

      But it does explain why a ‘mayor’ is an animal abuser, torturer and murderer. It does say something about the people who voted for him.

      I think he wants to hurt humans too – I think you are right there Ruth.

      He probably gets a kick out of the reaction when he says things like that. And you point out his hypochrisy perfectly – like you I assume he wouldn’t run over a ‘non cat’ animal. He’s just a childish person.

      To be in power you have to be harsh and unfair and immoral and the cost is your emotional intelligence. All these high powered people have the emotional intelligence of sulky hissy bullyish 8 year olds. All that time scrambling up the ladder and they never grew up in some sense. They never had to because nobody questioned what they were doing because culture teaches us its good to climb that ladder as fast as possible.

      Culture is a massive piece of destructive dog poop often times.

      This man is a typical childish evil bullying brute who is a mayor no less. It’s picture perfect actually. I’d love for some crazed animal activist to go and blow up his home. Here is where it’s hard not to hate the hater.

  3. Cat haters are twisted demented people who think they have the right to force their hatred of cats onto other people and think they have the right to kill cats.
    I don’t think dog haters go to such lengths to try to turn dog lovers against the animals they love.
    What is it with the low life who have it in for cats so much?
    Why can’t they just live and let live?
    I think maybe it’s some warped primeval fear cat haters have of cats because they know in reality cats are much more intelligent than they themselves are.
    It would be interesting to know how cat haters like this Gendron and like Woody feel about dogs.

    • Good point – I kind of sort of can’t stand dogs but I wouldn’t ever ever hurt one no matter how annoying it was. Cat’s are the least invasive and most peaceful animals towards humans.

      I think cat haters hate cats because they see no point in them because they are independant. Cat haters need dogs to suck up to them no matter how they treat them. A cat won’t sit when you tell it to – and never will. That’s the source of the problem in my mind. That and a general disgust or fear of animals perhaps.

      I’d love to run over the mayor. What a f****** r*******f******d*******

      • Yes, I love to back a lorry over him too. What worries me is that he is a person is authority and he was voted into office. Astonishing but it does seem to reflect the thoughts of local citizens. Are there that many cat hating Canadians?

        • I’m sure there are Michael. Canada is much like America. Where you have alot of space and ‘multicultural’ segregation you have people who never had to integrate with the rest of society and therefore who are never forced by their environment to think any differently to however they thought to begin with. This means you have plenty of intolerance and general backwards/village thinking anywhere you might go. I lived in the biggest city in Canada yet my neighbours on all side were portuguese villagers – it was like living in the village in Portugal in the 1950s – these people leave their countries in the world and come to the west and stake out their little world and it never develops from where they left off int he ‘old country’. It’s the whole failure of Canada in my view. Canada will never be progressive if people just go there and remain entrenched – holding onto their old world cultures and intolerant of progression.

          Liking or hating cats is simply part of the way people think so what counts is the progression of thinking in a country. If a country has space people can remain sheltered in their thoughts and ways without being confronted by other different things. Even in the 4th biggest city in the north amaerica and the biggest city in canada – and in the city center at that. Toronto is just a gigantic village or backwards right wing tendencies and people – to generalize hugely – so it is a perfect environment to maintain hate for cats where it exists.

    • What can we do about cat haters? It worries me. There seems to be more cat haters than we think. Facebook has a lot of people who love cats but there are lots of comments from people who I have to say must dislike cats or hate them. The same can be said about YouTube. I believe that people who hate cats are demonstrating the worst and most basic of human instincts. They are uncivilised, angry people.

      • I wish I knew what we can do because it makes me very angry and upset every time I hear about a cat being abused, illegally by cruel people, or legally by cruel declawing vets.
        We don’t expect everyone to share our love of cats but we do expect fellow human beings to at least respect that we love cats and care about their welfare and hate the abuse of them.
        As Marc says, he doesn’t like dogs but he wouldn’t hurt one and he certainly wouldn’t try to turn people against them by blaming them for allsorts of things like people blame cats.
        Yes cat haters are uncivilised people who are lacking in their humanity genes.

      • Animals bear no significance in many people’s lives. None at all. And for others they are simply negative because they only contact they have is negative (cat poops in persons flowerbed so person hates cats).

        Hate is one of the worst most destructive emotions.

        I think it’s hard for us to fully understand it but it’s simple – regardless of what or why, there are many people who actually love to hate – or they hate and that’s what they do and they aren’t used to feeling good which is why they spend so much time hating. To a person who feels good it’s hard to understand a choice to spend time being angry and hating. Cats are a present and possible target for haters. I agree with you Michael – hate is the worst of emotions. Furthermore it is intolerant. Intolerance of animals is possible one of the worse kinds of hates because the animals were already there and have no choice, nor voice to defend themselves. They are there, living, surviving struggling and dying – who are we to hate them and the process of their existence. They don’t hate us, nor do they do things which bother people on purpose to bother them. So to hate them is simply a form of self expression. To feed that hate with reasons and theories as to why they should not exist, why they should not live is again to blame them for something they cannot help or do anything about. If a hater claims they should not be in an area they once weren’t then that is the fault of the human according to the hater, but many haters stick to the cats and leave the humans out of it.

        My question is this; what would the haters do if there were no cats to hate?

        I know the answer.

        They would hate something else just as helpless and intrinsic to life on earth. Cat’s a great to hate for hunters and animal abusers and people who feel empowered by taking a life, who enjoy killing and would rather kill than shoot a target. It rationalizes their hateful actions in the most morally deplorable ways possible.

        If humans who spend so much time being angry and hating could be less accepting of how terrible it feels we’d be ok, but sadly there are many people who actually are willing to endure those feelings permanently, either out of righteousness or inability to love. The only thing that makes these people smile is when they laugh, and their laughter is either synical or at the expense of another. They feed off failure and not success. We’ve all hated and been in this state but most of us can’t stand to be there for more than a few seconds because ultimately we see the result of staying would be that we’s hate ourselves for being like that.

        The word ‘righteous’ is what you end up with when all is said and done and your choice is to continue with it. Hate is the path of the righteous, for the angry, for the unaccepting, for those who don’t understand you cannot learn a damn thing if you are always right. It is not wrong to make a mistake and we know that, but haters don’t, they see it as wrong, if it’s not right, they hate themselves ultimately and can’t even give themselves the benefit of doubt – they are the ‘perfect and right ones’ and are trapped into closure by the need to never waver from their righteousness. They can’t be wrong, they don’t make mistakes, and what’s more is they hate everyone who they perceive to be wrong.

        In the face of reasoning they can only laugh and claim not to care – in the end casting all their seriousness and ranting away to nothing. They probably even believe that they don’t care, but they do, and if they only knew that the fact that they do care is about the last thing keeping them alive.

        I’ve said ‘they’ too many times now. I have felt plenty of hate, especially towards haters. Being dragged in to the same emotions makes them feel better I guess. At the end of the day when they are disgusted by their own selves they can laugh and say they are not the only ones, but in those circumstances it usually came from them. It’s contagious, especially for those who are unhappy to begin with.

        To answer your question Michael, I think the only thing we can do about haters, and the most effective, is simple. Don’t hate. Don’t give them what they want for themselves. Let them be alone with themselves, let them hate themselves.

        • I LOVE your comment Marc. Well said.
          I think there are those sociopaths that are just pure evil and I fail to understand why they are on our planet.

          • Me too Dee – life would be entirely different without them – of that I am certain. Everything else though, I’m confused. Why are they here, good question.

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