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  2. thanks ruth im a bit late but better late than never at kays hill we are up a track like ruth says this can be a bit rough in bad weather but as you can guess we juggle our funds and a new road is not priority in this finacial climate animals must come first, we find most prospective new owners do work with us only occasionaly we get twisted at for not being open at a certain time , but we always try our best to work with folk after all i cant afford to give up on a potential new home for one of our cats but most people are understanding

  3. If anyone is serious about adopting a pet from a Shelter then they will make the effort to visit that Shelter during opening hours, no matter how inconvenient they are. Surely if it’s genuinely completely impossible to do that,an appointment can be arranged when someone could be there to meet them.
    This is the type of committed person who will put him/herself out for the sake of the pet they are about to adopt.
    Why do some people want everything handed to them on a plate?
    Anything worth having is surely worth putting yourself out a bit for.
    Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary is up a long unevenly surfaced lane and in the bad weather the land is a sea of mud but people go there and adopt animals all the time. Volunteers and supporters go regularly too.
    There is no reason why ALL animal Shelters can’t be as good as this one!
    It only needs committment!

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