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  1. The studies 3 UK volunteers did on declawed cats in Shelters, was for Dr Jean Hofve DVM.
    She asked for volunteers and there were 3 of us here in the UK, Barbara, Michele and me, not one American volunteered.
    It was tedious and heartbreaking work, daily at first then twice weekly,around 2 years in total I think we did it. We saw the same poor cats stuck in cages without hope, we saw cats on our lists disappear, not much hope they were adopted, they were probably killed.
    But we did the work for our love of cats!
    I don’t know what Jean has done with the data as we heard no more after she thanked us and told us we could stop.
    We also did a weekly study on why cats were relinquished to Shelters, that was an eye opener and how I know that many people use the most flimsy excuses and give unbelievable reasons.
    Education is desperately needed in that a cat isn’t just a passing fancy to be dumped if it gets inconvenient to have him around.
    Until every one starts taking responsibility for the innocent lives they have in their power, people will go on dumping their cats, the Shelters will overflow and the poor creatures will continue to be KILLED through no fault of their own.
    TRUE cat lovers need to stop bickering and aportioning blame and help get it known what is happening and help get it stopped because until then healthy cats will continue to be killed to make room for more dumped the same way.

    • Ruth, Babara and Michele, you deserve a big pat on the back for the work you did in that study for Jean Hofve. But why don’t we know what Jean did with the data you collected? I think you should see it. In fact I know you deserve to see it.

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