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  1. I really think that people who slaughter animals and birds in any way at all must enjoy the feeling of power over the frightened helpless creatures and even more so the ones who make the killing of the suffering animal prolonged and painful.
    They can not be called human as they are inhumane!
    I once read somewhere that the more the animal suffers in dying, the more the poison of that suffering enters the body of the person eating the flesh, I do hope that is right and that those who enjoy eating flesh from other living beings who have been tortured, die a long and slow and painful death themselves.

    • I like that idea. The more pain you inflict on an animal the more you damage yourself. I think that is actually true whether you eat the animal or not. If you do bad things I believe it hurts you psychologically. It hurts your conscience what might be left of it. There is a sort of natural balance between doing bad and feeling bad. Likewise doing good things makes us feel better. Doing good is in part a selfish act. But that is normal and OK.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Ruth – on every single thing that you have said. !!!! I don’t like the idea of ANY Animals being killed for Humans to eat – But if it is going to happen – then the killing of the poor Animal has to be done in a HUMANE way. If the Animal suffers at the time of death – Then it is quite clearly = Animal Cruelty. We have to all stand together against Animal abuse and suffering. Vivien.

  2. Just as there are international standards and organisations to protect humanity, so should the same exist for animals – and it’s principles should be enforced. A UN for animals of sorts. China and Korea, many countries are an abomination with regard to animal welfare. We have to continue fighting to make it matter more – a long, hard and uphill battle it is.

    • Well said Marc. I firmly believe the same. We need international laws. The UN is almost a failure so we are a million miles from getting our act together to protect animals.

      As for wildlife we have CITES but it is an agreement that is abused routinely.

      I despair sometimes at the standards of behavior that we set.

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