Animal cruelty creates the world’s most expensive coffee

Animals are dying in cages and suffering terribly in order to produce the world’s most expensive coffee, which is called kopi luwak (“cat poo coffee“). Don’t buy the bloody stuff and please spread the word. Kopi luwak can cost €550 / US$700 per kilogram or about $50 per cup or up to $100 USD per cup. There are tons of fakes on the market. Of course, there has to be with these prices. It is a bizarre trend. Typically human. The thing is you can’t tell the difference between the fakes and the genuine item, which proves the point that the product is nonsensical.

Caged civet kopi luwak cat poo coffee
Pictures: Wikimedia Commons (published under license). Montage by Michael
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Genuine kopi luwak is made from the feces of the palm civet, a cat-like animal living in Asia. The animal likes coffee berries and they pass through the civet’s digestive tract and are excreted then collected, washed and turned into coffee beans.

Once upon a time the feces of wild civets were collected and made into coffee. I have no idea how this bizarre situation began. But you can see how rare this ridiculous product was.

Then it became popular and fashionable and very, very expensive. Once the human creates something expensive you invariably end up with exploitation.

In this instance the wild civet is now caged and farmed in the most cruel way and fed coffee berries. The producers deny this happens but it does. The animals suffer terribly. There is probably a high mortality rate and the whole process is sick.

I don’t want to go into heavy detail as it is too tiresome and distressing. It’ll probably be on television wherever you are, in due course. Suffice to say that it is yet one more way the sad human exploits animals for what? Stupid, overpriced coffee that doesn’t taste any better than the stuff you buy from the supermarket.

Please spread the word. Don’t buy this absurb product. It is killing a wild animal and it is causing animal cruelty on a large scale.

4 thoughts on “Animal cruelty creates the world’s most expensive coffee”

  1. Supply and demand 🙁 spoilt self indulgent people want it so there are cruel vile indivuals on hand to supply it I hate both sides of the equation!!!

  2. This is terrible and we surely have enough sorts of coffee to drink without torturing animals to make more!
    I hope anyone buying this coffee chokes to death on their first mouthfull!

  3. Oh how I hate humans – especially that guy in the picture up there. It’s heart breaking ti see animals being used like they are machines.

    • The are beautiful animals – it really is the most offensive kind of cruelty to lock them up forever until they die. The people who do this to them are the worst of the worst. I hate to think how they catch them. It’s too bloody awful.


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