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Another Cat Missing at JFK International Airport — 3 Comments

  1. I can see why they must open and inspect inside cat’s carriers. It’s a horrible thought, but there could be a bomb in there or less horrible, but still problematic, smuggled goods or contraband of some sort. All they need is a very small room in which to do this, with the door shut and locked so the cat cannot escape. Cats will be more calm in a very small room like they use for examination rooms at the vet. Carrier is checked, passengers are safe, criminals are left no loop hole, and the cat just thinks, “Whew, at least they didn’t give me a shot this time.” And why couldn’t the cat’s guardian be present when they do this to calm and control the cat? Handy, should the need to arrest him for contraband arise. The safety of all would be ensured, criminal activity prevented, and no cat would go missing.

  2. This is frightening and tragic. I can’t tell you how much I hope they find her. I’ll put this on my Facebook which is my only real place to do that. Thanks for writing about this. I will be so happy if they find her. In such a busy place it must be horrifying for her – it makes me so sad to think of what she is experiencing right now. These cages should be locked and reinforced with no possible way of opening them. It couldnt be more simple in fact. Or by law do they have to open them to check something – customs bla bla? Because I think those boxes should be reinforced and locked down so hard there is no chance. Futhermore the cat could have a leash which is attched to the box – but i dont know if that woul dbe dangerous or panful for the poor cat. That way if the really must open the box then the cat cannot escape.

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