Anxious Cat Can Win A Thundershirt

This is a little, fun, competition for anxious cats. The cat’s guardian (caretaker), speaking on behalf of their cat, should leave a comment and explain how a Thundershirt will help. That is all you have to do. Anyone in America, Canada and Europe (excluding Switzerland!) can win a Thundershirt.

Thundershirt. “My terrified of everything 2 year old male cat Smokee in a medium Thundershirt…”
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The person who provides the best explanation wins a Thundershirt for their cat. Of course, the cat’s caretaker is writing on behalf of their cat so the language could be in the first person. But this in not obligatory. Example:

“I need a Thundershirt because even the smallest, unusual noise makes me jumpy. I don’t know why. Also, going to the vet makes me scared. I’d love to be less jumpy. If I was less jumpy my human companion would be happier because she is so concerned for me. I know she tries to comfort me but I can’t help being jumpy….I am terrified of everything…”

OK, that is the general idea. Now for a little bit about the Thundershirt, which is manufactured in America.

The Thundershirt seems to be named after a pet’s usual reaction to the sound of thunder. Most cats and dogs are frightened by the sound. In fact any loud sound will at least concern a cat and most likely be frightening. Fireworks are the obvious noise that is unacceptable to a cat.

Wearing the Thundershirt calms a cat or dog down. The things that make him jumpy no longer make him as jumpy. How does wearing a coat make a cat feel calm?

As I understand it, the idea originates in what appears to be proven biological science that pressure on the body at certain points has a calming effect. I am yet to see hard evidence but there are enough first hand experiences to support this treatment. There may be studies that I have not spotted.

The well known American doctor of animal science and respected author, Temple Grandin invented the “hug machine”, which is also known as a hug box, squeeze machine or a squeeze box for people based on this scientific “fact”. She used it herself for many years. Incidentally, Temple Grandin agrees with me on cat punishment. The hug machine is a Thundershirt for people.

The Thundershirt is an item of cat clothing that fits tightly over the torso of the cat. The pressure of the garment calms the cat. There are many positive testimonials.

The downside of this product is probably the difficulty in getting it on your cat and making sure it stays on. Then there is the difficulty of getting the shirt to fit snugly. Cats vary widely in shape and size. A manufacturer cannot make tailor-made products. This may result in a less than perfect fit for the Thundershirt. And, as I understand it, a close fit is necessary for it to apply pressure at certain points. However it has inbuilt flexibility.

Those are the negatives, as I see it, but there are lots of positives and this product is definitely worth trying. If you can get one for free by participating in this fun compo, why not try it?

I hope people get into the spirit of this. I also hope that there is more than one comment! Whatever happens there is a prize to be won. The Thundershirt costs about $40 and has a 3.5 star rating from 25 reviews on Amazon.

I will be supplying the shirt from Amazon so each competitor must provide a proper email address with the comment. I can then contact the person and take address details to ensure delivery.

39 thoughts on “Anxious Cat Can Win A Thundershirt”

  1. my name is pink and i was born in a county park where a mass TNR was done to help us out with the population. since i was young, i was placed for adoption at the local shelter but did not do so well as i was terrified! i was taken into a foster home until her other kitty got diagnosed with a contagious illness and i was returned. i was brought back to the shelter and faced going to the room that no kitties come out of, but then my mommy who was working there decided to sneak me home in her bookbag. she adopted me the following day when the office opened and while i have a loving mommy, two kitty brothers, and a doggie brother, i still don’t like hoomans much. in fact, i didn’t even let my mommy touch me after we moved out of a small apartment. when daddy moved in i started to like him but mommy is always working with other animals and i get scared by sudden movement. well, mommy got sad that i won’t cuddle with her anymore or let her pet me so she bought me and one of my brothers thundershirts. his biting, pooping outside of the box, and peeing on stuff stopped and now i let mommy pick me up so i can purr in her arms like i used to when she first took me home. my daddy can’t believe the difference and i feel much more calm and relaxed when being approached and held. i recommend the thundershirt for other feral kitties like myself and my brother who need to calm down and learn to enjoy love and cuddles.

    • Nice comment Pink! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am sorry you were so anxious and pleased you feel calmer these days. The Thundershirt has been won already but the best of luck for the future.

  2. Wonderful news, Michael! I’d like to thank you on behalf of both Bester and Britomart. It’ll be really interesting to see how they each respond. As we said, Bester is older (17, and logically more ‘set in his ways’) but also is likely to be willing to wear the Thundershirt. Britomart is only about 2 years old (she just came to us on the street a little over a year ago, only three pounds, pregnant AND wormy, and announced she was our new cat) and has gradually taken on full-fledged housecat behaviors (sleeping under comfy blankets, biscuitting, and of course, galloping at the sound of a can of cat food opening – she’d never heard that before but she adjusted very fast!). Britomart is mostly adjusted to the safety of living indoors (and has always been astoundingly well behaved, and sweet), but as Alex said, on garbage night or when we run loud motor-y appliances, she does still get very alarmed. Since she was clearly a scavenger it’s no surprise, but it broke our hearts that we couldn’t do anything about this one outstanding issue. Hopefully the Thundershirt will help her to be more relaxed and accept that now she’s safe for good.

    Though one is near-antique and the other a teenager, they’re both about the same size and weight so it’s likely one shirt will do for both. Alex and I will be happy to post about how it affects them respectively. Surely between the two of these little guys one of them will find benefit. Thanks again from Bester, Britomart, their bro-in-spirit Lacerda, myself and Alex. Michael, we’ll be in touch by email.

    [We do know Lacerda, (another stray who came to stay about 7 years ago, a large-but-fit Norweigan Fisher cat who we THOUGHT was full-grown but who turned out to be probably about six months old – those guys are ENORMOUS!) will not be wearing any shirts as he won’t even tolerate a collar, partly because he’s literally bigger than (Calvin Coolidge) the other two put together and partly because he’s an incredibly mellow and low-maintenance guy. We have been extremely lucky in the cats that adopted us. But we do also understand that some cats simply won’t go for the Thundershirt whether or not it would benefit them. Lacerda is an indoor cat now and we’d love to take him out on a harness and lead – but that’s the one place where he gets bent out of shape. He just won’t wear _anything_.]

    • The Thundershirt has just been shipped from Amazon Canada (7.40 GMT on 4th March 2013). It should be with you Mar 13 2013 – Mar 18 2013. As instructed, I ordered a small one (grey in color).

      Best of luck. Please tell us all if it works 😉


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