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Are You Hooked On Cute Cat Photos? — 14 Comments

  1. I’m tiring of the lolcat stuff. They have gotten to the point that it’s rare when they actually make you laugh anymore. Cute will always be cute. I think it reveals a certain quality of character in a person that the type of heart that appreciates a cute kid or animal. I know some people that would say, “It’s just a cat. What’t the big deal?” Isn’t that like saying the Mona Lisa is just a painting.

    Wish I had time to go through all posts I’ve missed. Such a busy week. I really enjoyed my reading and videos. All the articles we had to read for my science class were from UK science journals! A video narrated by Sir David Attenborough was cool. That and the a Doctor Who special all in one week. A very UK week for me. See ya this weekend.

    What do you all think of the Puppy Bowl? It runs here in the US during the hours before, during and after the Superbowl (American Football 2012 championship game) on Animal Planet. There are puppies for most of it, with a kitten half-time. This year they are adding rabbits and other small furry pets as cheerleaders. I love it. Watching them play. The ludicrous attempt by the voice-over announcer to make it seem like a real game. It’s hilarious. Puppy Bowl will be playing in this house before and after the game. It’s a tradition.

  2. I find kittens incredibly cute – especially in real life. I totally fall for them in real life. Having lately had to look after 2 litters of kittens at the same time from time to time and visit them regularly I fall totally in love with every single one of them. I like cute cat pictures but I am more into special cat pictures, whether it be the background, the cat, the context, or a mixture of things. Any unusual or interesting or artistic cat picture I find I put on my Facebook page. Some are funny, some are serious and everything in between. I have no preference for one particular kind. I constantly find fantastic and new and interesting ones. There are so many. I also like when people share pics of their cats. I was very proud of Red and I am of all my cats and I love to show pictures of them and tell them about their characters and lives. I think it’s great that people do this.

    Cat people socialise on the internet. Dog people socialise in the dog park.

  3. I like seeing cute pictures but we also need to know what bad stuff is going on so we can help do something about it.

    I’m afraid, too, that long articles put me off reading them, like others these days I have a very busy life with my job, kids,cats and dogs. I lose interest scrolling down a long page. Apart from being one of the”UK anti declaw troops’ because I feel so strongly against that legal abuse,I don’t have time to worry about other countries,we may have a welfare law here but there is still much to do against cruelty to animals.

    If everyone stood up to be counted and did even a little bit in their own country it would be better than nothing.

    • Thanks Rose for the good feedback about long articles. I am acutely aware of that and so is Elisa. I try and keep articles shorter these days because like you I think people like shorter and shorter articles. It is a time thing and the internet is tailored to surfing, the skimming of information rather than reading pages in a book. The internet is about speed because the world has speeded-up.

      One problem is that if an article is too short Google tends to not find it and list it. Perhaps things have changed though.

      • The subtitles really help break up the length. My articles are as long as they need to be. I’m doing a dog case now for examiner.com that will break my record as it’s very involved. Plus sometimes Michael can do a hack job or an add on. We write well as a team.

  4. I can’t stomach the abuse stories like I used to. I just looked at a photo of a 22 year old cat turned into the shelter by her owners. i have a good balance on my pages now. The pictures-of-cats.org group page on Facebook is a great pick me up. The abuse cases have gotten much worse in the past year. I’d be writing constantly if I tried to cover them all. I’m trying to do more interesting stories these days based on what I’d like to know more about. Plus I try to keep the reading level so that younger readers can understand the stories. Michael never knows what I’ll come up with next. It’s a miracle I haven’t given him an ulcer.

  5. I enjoy seeing cat pictures and sharing the best ones because it’s important to our sanity to have a balance of ‘feel good’ and ‘feel bad’ stuff.
    I’ve lots of contacts on facebook of the same mind as I am, they hate animal abuse and every day they post causes or petitions to sign and pass on. I couldn’t live with my conscience if I didn’t do that but sometimes I feel so bad about all the horrors going on that I have to wait until I can take some more, then go back and do it.
    I’ve had the image of the photo of a cat I saw suffering from brain vivisection, burned into my mind since I was 18, which was 47 long years ago, after that there was no turning back, I had to take up cudgels on the behalf of all abused or suffering animals. Sometimes I think I can’t take any more but I know I have to, it’s not me suffering, it’s them and they need people like me to be their voice.
    It’s a hard road to follow and some people wonder why I do it, but through the internet and PoC especially I’ve ‘met’ like minded people who care as much as I do, especially for cats.

    • “burned into my mind..”

      I have similar problems with images of animal cruelty that I cannot get out of my mind. I genuinely believe they have damaged me slightly. We need to take care of our minds, protect them from experiences that can hurt them. I am like you Ruth. I have to tackle animal cruelty and shout about it to help animals but the amount of it has to be limited for me. Dorothy has the same thoughts too. It is about balance I feel. We need to deal with the bad but it is best to surround ourselves with nice things, beautiful things and good experiences, if we can.

      • Yes we have to surround ourselves with nice things if we can and enjoy spending time with our own cats, which benefits both us and them. We can’t take on the entire animal world’s troubles, we can only do our best but many times I feel it’s not good enough.

  6. Cute cat pictures can cure the blues! I recently decided to completely change the way I use Facebook. I unfriended and “un liked” across the board. I got rid of anyone who posted bad news, grim news, animal abuse, missing children, politics, stupid pictures, crass stuff and anything else that just didn’t make me feel good looking at it. Now I can open the news feed and have a little lift in spirits. If I’m really mad or sad, I go find Bigfoot or Marvin and within seconds I’m smiling, cooing, loving and I just feel better fast. Feeling better fast is the key to a happy life.

    I’m not a person who’s head is in the sand, but I prefer to browse the news when I want to. I don’t like to open Facebook to pictures of skinny malnourished animals needing my help desperately. Oh, I help…I do. In anyway I can. But to randomly open a page like Facebook, I don’t want to be shocked out of my chair especially at 4:30 in the morning, with my first cuppa coffee, cat on my knees…moon glowing in my window, quiet peace. It doesn’t set me up for a good day.

    Fortunately, PoC gives fair warning in the titles. Sometimes I don’t read the whole PoC story, but go straight to comments to know if the article is in the safe zone. Sorry Elisa, I do skip many of your very important stories. It isn’t that I am judging, I just choose carefully what I let into my thoughts. I appreciate all you do and your fine contributions to Michael’s incredibly well done website. There are few that compare to PoC. I just know that, for me, life is short……there is much to be done, but having joy and pleasure of which there is so much to be have…I prefer to spend more time in that cute zone rather than the horror zone.

    I think the Yale study is interesting, thanks for sharing it.

    I do like to share cuteness, but not to just anyone. Great article. Keep it up!

    • Excellent comment dw and a very good point that you have unexpectedly come up with out of a page on cute cat photos. I agree with you. Although PoC and any cat site has to address the bad side of the cat world sometimes in order to keep a balance, be complete and “real”, bad stuff should be minimised I feel because it hurts us. It gets me down and it affects others in a similar way. It is almost like being in a war zone sometimes and you get a minor version of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) with the depressing news generally and stories of animal abuse.

      Elisa does an excellent job in covering these events but my preference is for neutral stories that are interesting in that they show up an aspect of the human to cat relationship. No one can dislike cute cat pictures. I love photography and cat photographs but these days, now that I am older, I am more interested in the behind the scenes stuff, the difficult subjects that are about people and cats.

  7. Ah cute pictures of cats…Although I like them a lot what really gets me interested the most is our relationship with cats. Of course liking pictures of cute cats is part of that relationship. Personally I’d like to see the same amount of passion and time that is expended on chatting about cute cat pictures spent on resolving the tough cat welfare problems, primarily unwanted cats. I’m too serious, perhaps, although I do like a laugh a lot of the time.

    I am guessing but I would think that the majority of cute cat aficionados are women. Is that sexist?

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