Are you offended by a domestic cat skin rug?

Well, yes, I am offended, as it happens. It is disrespectful of this cat and cats in general. This is not the first domestic cat skin rug. There are others. There are many wild cat skin rugs, all of which I personally find objectionable. I thought they had gone out of fashion. The tiger skin rug is a bit of a throwback to the British Raj and tiger hunting – that sort of era.

Domestic cat skin rug
Domestic cat skin rug
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This red tabby cat has a resemblance to a tiger. It is probably why the taxidermist, Andrew Lancaster, decided to make it. That, and the publicity he thought he’d get.

He saw the dead cat by the side of the road, thought it looked nice, picked it up, took it to his workshop and did his grizzly work. I don’t know how anyone could do this sort of work. You have to be pretty desensitized, it seems to me.

It was advertised as….

“Great little gift for the mancave!’

I am not sure what that means. I suppose it is intended as a gift for an idiot male of the human species to take back to his cave. It is the kind of gift you’d give to Woodsman.

Mr Lancaster does not know if this cat was a domestic cat who had a human caretaker, or whether the cat was a stray or feral. It appears that he made attempt to find out. The advert says:

[it] ….was probably wild.

That seems to be a bit disrespectful of the person who may have looked after this cat. Bearing in mind the condition of the cat – described as “Large male in excellent condition” – it seems quite likely that the cat was domesticated.

Conclusion?: Please don’t do it again, Mr Lancaster.

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12 thoughts on “Are you offended by a domestic cat skin rug?”

  1. ~Are you offended by a domestic cat skin rug?~

    That was a trick question, right? I can’t imagine any cat lover NOT being offended.

    Maybe there’s a better phrase than “trick question”. I just can’t come up with it. What would be “the term of art” in the law? Or is “term of art” a US expression? I as know you were a solicitor in a past life, I ask out of interest.

    1. No that wasn’t a trick question. I was just being less outspoken in case people start thinking of me as a crazy British cat man who hates people πŸ˜‰ Sometimes, I just like to pose the question rather than make a statement. Also some visitors might actually like them. Some people are like that. Odd world we live in.

      “Term of art” does apply to the way one describes something specific, as far as I know. It is not used by solicitors working in dull offices in dull towns in England. They use Latin instead πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s just horrible, what sort of freak would want to pay for a dead body of a cat, or any other animal,as a rug or ornament, it’s just like the bear skin rugs and tiger skin rugs and trophy animal heads on the wall of the bad old days, it makes me sick and ashamed to be of the same species as the people who think this is acceptable (or “cool” )

  3. Really disgusting. “Great little gift for the mancave”? What planet is this clown from? No man I know would want that in their “mancave” aka office. Idiots abound.

      1. You’re welcome Michael. No, I cannot imagine this in someone’s office. I don’t even like bear rugs or wild cats sprawled across a floor. Why don’t these fools just buy one of the old lampshades the Nazi made from human flesh? What’s one more trophy here and there? Demented people in this world.

  4. Only horrible despicable sadistic people would want a rug like that as their minds are sewers of sickness and depravity.
    I hope someone makes rugs of them when they die and sells them for a fortune and gives the money to Cat Shelters.

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    This is disgusting and disrespectful and only a person with a sick mind would approve of, or buy one of those rugs!
    What is wrong with some people that they think the exploitation of, or cruelty to another living being is acceptable?
    They obviously think because they are upright and can talk and have power over vulnerable species that they can treat them however they want to.
    ALL living beings have feelings!
    My only hope is that if they aren’t punished by something dreadful happening to them in this life, if there is reincarnation these cold hearted monsters come back as dung beetles because that’s where they belong, in a pile of manure!

  6. I think it’s going to become a huge fad. After everyone sees the price he got by selling it. (I read about this on another site, and he got something like $900+ for it.) Plus it’ll definitely put a dent in feral cat populations.

    Well over 2/3rds, maybe 3/4ths, of the population in the USA want nothing to do with cats so they don’t really care what happens to them. They’re fed-up with everyone’s cats destroying everything. Only 86 million cats are wanted for pets and many of those are in homes that already have more than one cat. The population is 315 million people. You do the math of how many don’t want cats in any part of their lives.

    I like the way he explains-away an undamaged pelt by claiming it was “road-kill”.

    If you want to be even more offended Google for: Orvil Helicopter Cat

    1. Sure thing Woody. Everybody is totally up to the job of taxidermy. IT’s going to seriously put a dent in the feral population. In your dreams. You know it’s not going to so why do you say that. More than 2/3 to 3/4s of the population live in society and accept cats as part of it peacefully. You must live in a village of intolerant people to come up with your doom and gloom nonsense. Troll much. Are you on welfare? Where do you find the time to keep up appearances from different IPs – are you driving around looking for new wifi signals so you can troll again. Plus you are so pointless and useless at hiding yourself.

    2. Well over 2/3rds, maybe 3/4ths, of the population in the USA want nothing to do with cats so they don’t really care what happens to them

      Thirty-three percent of U.S. households own at least one cat. I am sure at least half the remainder are decent enough to care about doing the decent thing. If not it is serious indictment of the state of morality of a nation. Turning a cat into rug for sale is not a decent way to act.

  7. All taxidermy creeps me out. I object to it highly in all areas except educational museum type situations. Man, this one irks me. It’s not even done well. It want to make it clear that it would be disrespectful to do this with any animal even when it’s done right. This is just a mean joke. The cat deserves better. Any idiot that would by this is on drugs.
    Thanks Michael.

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