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Ark on the Edge – Recent Cat Rescue Stories — 15 Comments

  1. You are amazing its damned hard work rescuing and fund raising (although I know 2 ladies who raise funds for various charities whenever they can and always have so much fun! You know who you are!) It can be rewarding but also heart wrenching but its stories like those above that must make it all worth while for you day after day. Thank God for rescues such as yours 🙂

  2. Zoe the cat found in a cardboard box and featured in this article – has officially be reserved for adoption today – she can go to her new home in a couple of days all being well

  3. Thanks for these stories Danielle, it’s always good to hear from you people in the thick of animal rescue and care.
    I think all vet practices should give discounts for Rescue Shelters, I know they have to make a living and pay staff and cover expenses etc, but they must still make a huge profit.
    They did in my vet nurse days, the vets I worked for did anyway but money wasn’t the number one priority back then.

  4. I am very impressed with these rescue stories. Real commitment. It is an expensive process rescuing cats. It makes me wonder if vets could charge discounted rates for rescued cats. Perhaps they do sometimes. It seems that vet bills are one of the big worries in rescuing and caring for cats until they are rehomed because stray cats are more likely to be ill.

    • We do get a small discount from our local vets but even with this discount our bills are easily over £1000 – nothing leaves us without being neutered (if old enough), fully vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed and given a full veterinary examination – so it does mount up – but we never turn any animal away just because it will cost us money
      We have a horse with a tracheotomy tube in as she was badly abused and has terminal cancer – her son is also massively allergic to grass pollen hay etc so requires injections from America every month. So as u can see we r grateful for any help

      • Gosh, it is demanding, looking after animals with long term illnesses.

        It always surprises me how some people care for animals so gently and expertly yet others do the exact opposite: they abuse them and deliberately hurt them. You wouldn’t think people would be that different.

      • Danielle was it you with the lovely little girl cousin at the vets birthday celebrations?
        Sorry we don’t know all your names yet and who is who apart from Chris and Dylan.

          • lol I said to Barbara you looked like a Danielle! We knew Elisha’s name because you mentioned it, but not how to spell it.
            We loved meeting you both and having a bit of fun with the tombola, hope we meet again sometime, love to that gorgeous little cousin of yours from us both xx
            I wish we had got some pics of you and the Ark stall that day too.

            • Aw thanks – I normally work every weekend so miss the majority of fundraising days so it was nice to pop along and of course we won the scratch cards! Lol

  5. I so admire your hard work and dedication.
    I know that we are cat people but, with Michael’s approval ofcourse, I would love to see some of your wildlife rescues every now and then.

    • Of course I have some good photos of a tawny owl release we did recently. It was here over six months with an injured wing before we felt it was suitable for release. Believe or not it’s the wildlife that can be the most expensive to look after – luckily we have a very dedicated local vet who is retired who specialised in birds of prey so he helps us a lot

      • Danielle, don’t forget you can upload a picture to a comment very easily. Just follow the instructions below the comment box. Thanks for the article and contribution.

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