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Assessing Domestic Cat Predation on Wildlife — 1 Comment

  1. Well at least they didn’t go making blanket statements about how right they are or anything. That is the one thing I like about England the most – opinions are usually much more informed and therefore not what you would expect on average. When I lived in Canada people just said what they thought they should say – including the total anti/activists too – in their own way. So I suppose we have to hope that whoever read this is clever enough to understand it for what it is and being England I have a little faith. Can I ask what newspaper you saw this in? Mirror, Mail or Independent, times sort of thing. If it really was unfiltered to plain english I cant imagine it was in a tabloid but you never know. That certainly is a long dry read 🙂

    Anyhow. I believe it would be at least better to make measurements to the average amount of birds depending on amount of trees versus houses. I mean I wonder if you can even come up with a meaningful estimate just working with one small town(?) – maybe then it’s possible. There are things like currents of air and weather that effect the dispersion of birds I would imagine so extrapolating is useless – as we discussed in the last article about this, and in my opinion extrapolation biased. However this article does kind of admit what I have just said in a round about way. They have not learned much of anything since they already knew that cats ‘might’ effect the bird population significantly. Infact it always might, lol, just like I might know how to fly a plain. We pretty much know I ‘can’ fly a plain but the question of whether I do or not will always mean I might. Sorry, I’m making fun. If you catch me sitting in a plane though it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m driving it. For that matter if my cat comes home with a bird it doesn’t necessarily mean he killed it, lol, but its the equivalent to if I was sitting in the drivers seat of the plane, and the plane had just landed. Anyway, I guess all I am saying is that if you include the words ‘might’ or ‘may’ in a sentence you can really have alot of fun making alot of stuff up too without actually proving or disproving it.

    Anyhow – at least they admit it. I think other reports would be dramatic and sound like its proof. “Decimation of Bird Population througout the country” above a photo iof a cat holding a bird. That kind of thing. or “By 2015 the bird population will be one thrid smaller – irresponsible cat owners might be to blame”.
    What they should have is a photo of a bird that died being hit by a wind turbine along with “A new and dangerous predator is threatening bird species into a quicker demise” – well at least that one IS true, no ‘mights’ or ‘maybes’.

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