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  1. What does Monty have to say? “Take me outside. Bring out the fishing pole toy. Foot pet me. Feed me. That’s enough hugging, I’m busy. Quit scaring away my prey, I’m trying to hunt. Help me out of this tree. Stop typing on that thing and pay attention to me. Don’t leave me alone for so long. Get up and do something interesting! Share your food with me. Stay out of the kitchen unless you’re getting something for me. Stop talking so much. Scoop my litterbox. I don’t really mind claw trimming and brushing but you are way too slow! Hurry up, I have things to do! Say my favorite word, you know what it is: Treat!”

  2. Monty really needs to write Ruth. I bet he has a lot to say. Furby does his own stories thru mind transfer. I have to help Middy because she’s shy. Cujo and Sealy have yet to write their own stories. I’ve tried to get them to speak up and Sealy just stares at me and Cujo won’t stop long enough.

  3. What!? You mean Furby doesn’t write his own stuff? Geez. You have burst my bubble. I suppose next you’ll say Midnight doesn’t really steal your phone to type on Facebook and Sealy and Cujo don’t actually post either!
    I use Monty’s picture as my Facebook profile pic because he’s a lot better looking than me.
    I write a lot about Monty on my Facebook page and I’m always surprised at how many people enjoy reading about his adventures. The last time I saw Charles, a fellow church organist who is on my FB friends list for professional reasons only, I was surprised when he said to me, “I really enjoy the Monty stories.” He never commented on one or liked it. I have a friend from high school who reads them to her daughter, who says, “Mom, I think Monty is a little prince.” He does rule this house in many ways!
    I think cats are a little mysterious. They seem so wise. It’s easy to speculate what they are thinking. Dogs seem more transparent. Perhaps they don’t have as much of a secret life as cats, so they don’t make good subjects for a FB page. Cats just seem smarter. I’m probably biased.

  4. I think dog and cat owner’s are just different. I think it’s more likely that a cat lover will have a dog, before a dog lover will have a cat. They are just two different basic molds. I wonder if it’s that they are less trusting or if they just plain feel silly doing it. Great article. Thanks for sharing. Love the pix.

  5. Just on Thursday(11-10-2012) saw the classic 1958 movie “CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF” at the American Centre library in Mumbai.Besides the starcast of Paul.Newman and Elizabeth.Taylor it was the name of the movie that attracted me to view this classic and was absolutely thrilled for the same.Cats seem to be a very popular subject in movies and in the 21st century, the internet and strangely, women are always associated with cat names or cats.On the internet, have come across numerous “PETWORKERS’ on “FACEBOOK” itself, manny members of my social cat group,”Persian cats, upkeep and breeding”. At first i was confused at seeing cats photos as facebook identities but later realized that the human owners were representing their cats.

  6. I actually enjoyed reading this. I hope you don’t mind me adding the silly picture. It is hard to know what is going on when you don’t understand the thing in the first place :). Actually I do understand it because Furby has been on PoC before a few times.

    I think the reason for the difference in the petworking world between cats and dogs is the same reason why cats are internet stars and dogs really aren’t. I think we have to agree that cats are bigger than dogs on the internet. I think there are lots more cat websites than dog websites, more videos and pictures etc.

    A major factor might be this: women prefer cats in general, particularly intelligent women. And women like socialising more than men. The internet is a great social medium these days. That’s it. It is about women who pretend to be cats 😉 more than men (or women) pretend to be dogs.

    In fact I wonder if all the petworkers are females? Nah it can’t be all but probably the majority.

    • LOVE the picture! Don’t ever try to figure out women. You’ll give yourself a headache. I do think more women are into this than men.

      I can spend hours looking at cute cats and dogs and sending friend requests. You should try it one day.

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