Attractive Faith

This is a series of photographs by the well known professional cat photographer, Helmi Flick, of a black and white random bred cat named Faith. She is very attractive and extremely nicely turned out for the camera. The pictures remind us of the beauty of the average cat.

The above pictures are thumbnails. If you click on them you will see large format versions.

I don’t know if Faith is a show cat. You do get random bred cats who are shown at cat shows.

Faith is a black and white cat as opposed to a white and black cat! What is the difference? If there is more black than white we should call the cat black and white and vice┬áversa. I am not sure if that concept of naming black and white cats still takes place. It did about 100 years ago. I don’t think I have heard someone call a cat ‘white and black’. We should.

Cats have had a huge presence on the internet for about five years. This has resulted in a greater knowledge about cats. One aspect of the coat that is sometimes written about is the piebald gene or white spotting gene that produces the white fur against the black background in this case. It is the same gene that produces he piebald horse’s painted coat. They are sometimes called painted horses. It can also affect the eyesight causing blindness occasionally.

I hope you agree that Helmi’s beautiful photographs remind us that the cat we are most familiar with, the random bred cat, is a very attractive companion animal.

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