Australian Woman Reunited With Cat After 2 1/2 Years

Judith and Eddie Boy

By Elisa Black-Taylor

Judith White is a very happy woman this week, as she’s been reunited with the cat she lost during a flood in January 2011.

This tale began in Booval, Queensland when her gold tabby, Eddie Boy, went to stay with a friend after an evacuation shelter refused to admit the cat during a flood. Judith was living in Goodna at the time, and was forced to leave her baby boy with her best friend.

Unfortunately, Eddie Boy escaped the first night he was with the friend. Judith was heartbroken because she had rescued him at the age of 10 weeks. Eddie Boy was nine years old when he went missing. Judith said she could get over the loss of her possessions (she lost everything in the flood), but losing her cat was like losing her child. “I have no children, no family, Eddie Boy was my baby.”

Judith search Goodna park every day for Eddie. She always knew in her heart he was still alive. But there was no sign of the cat until this past week, when Judith received a call from the Bellbowrie Veterinary Surgery. Judith finally heard the words she’d been dreaming of for over two years. “We’ve got your cat.”

Thankfully, Eddie Boy was micro-chipped and turned in by someone in Bellbowrie who found him hanging around their home. Bellbowrie Veterinary scanned him for a micro-chip and within an hour of being notified, Judith and Eddie Boy were reunited.

Judith now says she’s never going to let her cat out of her sight saying “this old cat and I are just going to sit around and be happy together.”

Dr. Kyle Bracken, who examined Eddie Boy, believes someone has been caring for the cat. Eddie was turned in clean and healthy and of a good weight. His condition likely wouldn’t be this good unless he had been looked after, at least for a good part of the 2 1/2 years he was missing.

This story is another good example of how well micro-chipping works. Some cats are just reunited with their owners a bit faster. It’s nice to see Eddie Boy and Judith have a happy ending.


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