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Awesome Tortie Cat — 9 Comments

  1. I’m just seeing this image for the first time, since it came through after I posted on Facebook. I’m wondering if Marc was ever able to detect the Photoshop metadata?

    I’d pay for this image to be framed, and put on my wall! It’s a great shot of a beautiful cat, with enhanced saturation and hue. I love it!

  2. Michael if you can send me the original photo I can tell you exactly what colour filters it has been put through. There is at least a saturation filter on it and possible hue – and possible contrast.

    I can access the metadata and tell you everything about it including possibly who made it, where and what filters they used to what extant and when and using which program.

  3. Notice the coloring of the tortie’s lip? hmmm… Given that the contrast is way too high, I’m conjecturing that a bit of “magic” was performed. Wish we had a photo of this cat in a different setting. Because this cat is strikingly beautiful, regardless of enhancement. Would love to see other photos, which leads me to blv that it is Photoshopped.

  4. Looks too colorful without blemishes, akin to a computer generated image. Could be a fake if there is no literature on this photo and i hope not.Today various photographs can be morphed or enhanced digitally through computer technology.This cat could be the attraction in any place and any part of the World.

    • I have similar thoughts, I’ll be honest. This cat is too outstanding. The coat does not look natural. I think perhaps it is Photoshopped (or just plain edited) to make it more yellow/red and higher contrast.

  5. What a gorgeous cat!
    I don’t see why anyone would think it fake or photo shopped, I think we should just take the photo at face value and admire and enjoy seeing the beauty in it.

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