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Balinese Cat Facts For Kids — 6 Comments

  1. This article cleared something up for me. I always thought our “Lacey” was a mix of long haired siamese. She has absolutely every trait and look of the Balinese. She’s very vocal and demanding. She carries her (beautiful) tail up over her body, like it’s on display. She’s rather possessive – we have another cat (Velvet), and she doesn’t like her getting any attention. It took a long time for Lacey to realize she was safe – wouldn’t come out from under the bed if visitors were in the house. Now she thinks everyone has come to see her. She has never been outside.

    • Yes, the one outstanding aspect of these cats is the tail. A true plumed tail. Of course the modern Balinese is too skinny in following the modern Siamese cat which is monstrous. When you see these cats in real life it is a bit of a shock. It is like looking at a celebrity who has had too much plastic surgery.

      • Yes- they have that very bred mouse face look – they look a bit like mice in their faces I mean. Beautiful tails. I like your analogy 🙂

        • It is seeing them in the flesh that brings it home. Pictures don’t really tell the whole story. They look very fragile and strange to me in their cages at shows.

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