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Ban Cat Declawing in Ontario — 37 Comments

  1. 90.10% say NO declawing is NOT OK ……564 cat lovers

    9.90% say yes declawing is OK…… 62 cold hearted or ignorant people, YES chop off their finger ends and the finger ends of every vet who declaws cats too

  2. 39 countries it’s either banned or considered extremely inhumane so never done and yes 8 Californian cities.
    The poll is looking even better
    16.71% YES 59 votes
    83.29% NO 294 votes
    How about those 59 people have their finger ends axed off and maybe that will change their minds.

  3. Today Jordan Milani from Thunder Bay News is coming to my house to do a TV interview. I will be better prepared and share the link here once it’s aired.

  4. Wonderful work, Camille! I wouldn’t have guessed that you’d been caught off guard, you were very composed, and calm. I think you got your message across very well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve saved some claws as a result. Best of luck with your mission, which I know will be successful. Thank you for being their voice! 🙂

  5. I’m a Rose by any other name but don’t always smell as sweet as the saying goes lol
    You could always have a Micheal-mas Daisy Micheal lol

  6. Looking even better now 305 votes
    18.69% YES 57 votes
    81.31% No 248 votes
    But no way can I get my head around how 57 people think it’s Ok

  7. Well Done Camille I did leave a comment on FB congratulating you on a brilliant interview saying you covered everything. You came across as intelligent and informed not as ‘some nut’ which the pro-declawers commonly refer to those amongst us who hate de-clawing.

    The pictures say it all the look on the faces of de-clawed cats speaks volumes and breaks my heart everytime I see that look of agonised bewilderment. I don’t and never will understand any of it 🙁

  8. May I add, that if you have ALL YOUR TOES AMPUTATED, what is going to hold you up so that you are able to walk, you will be walking in the ball of your foot which will bring you face down, If your FURNITURE means all that much that you would put animal , who has put his life in your hands to be loved and cared for, than why do you have one, ? because the neighbour has one, your children want and then after 2 weeks the novelty wears off, well my suggestion to you is , keep your furniture in tact and be happy with that, never mind “THE JONES” the cats couldn’t care less, Those of us who believe in animals, love them as if they were our children, find those who think that to DECLAW, well I’ll leave it at that, just might get banned, WE ARE THE VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS, you may silence a cat, but try silencing us, Thank you

  9. I think you did brilliantly Camille, more so as you were caught off guard.
    I admire you very much!
    We all know that the press and radio and TV presenters only air what they want to air, no matter how prepared anyone is.
    We in the UK are well on your side and wish you every success.

  10. Hi Everyone. I would like to add that CBC Radio called me out of the blue for this interview so i was caught off guard and not prepared. He also said it would be taped but only for purposes of writing an article……..not to be aired. I did mention the countries that declawing/amputation is illegal……they failed to include that ! I apologize for the mistakes i made during interview and for stumbling along but like i said was not prepared.

    • Thanks a lot for dropping by the website and sharing. You sounded great in the interview. You made a minor, unimportant mistake. Forget it. The important point is that you were interviewed and you are fighting for what is right.

      You don’t need to apologize. You are a sweetheart who cares, and as far as I am concerned, that makes you “one of us” – the people who are enlightened and who care. You are doing really good work. It is obviously good and you deserve a medal for what you are doing. Keep going, please.

      • Thanks Michael, I appreciate this. I am keeping on….getting more signatures, we have till July to continue handing them in.

  11. WELL DONE Camille I hope you succeed.I can’t comprehend how anyone can think it’s OK to amputate cats very essential toe ends yet 56 people now think it is OK!
    But 209 people think it isn’t OK and that’s what counts,we outnumber the ignoramuses and cruel people.
    265 have voted now 21.13 say yes 78.87 say no
    Come on guys lets get this poll spresd around more and put those yeses to shame!

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if some cruel mad scientist is right now trying to breed cats without claws, people have taken everything else from cats for their own selfish ends and some would probably pay a fortune for a kitten born ready adapted.

  13. It began in the USA when people started keeping their cats strictly indoors and worrying about their precious furniture! Instead of promoting scratching posts and pads and making it be known cats need to scratch to stay healthy, some cold hearted moron invented declawing. Thousands of cats and kittens were experimented on to ‘perfect’ it, from newly born kittens to older cats. I read an article a while back about the mother cat eating her mutilated one day old kittens, imagine how distressed she must have been! I’ll see if I can find it again although it makes horrible reading, heartbreaking in fact.
    In all my career as a vet nurse only one person asked about it and I think she is probably still up there in outer space where the vet blasted her for the very thought of doing something so cruel.
    It was banned along with other cosmetic surgery by our Pet Welfare Act but as far as I know no UK vet would ever have declawed a cat anyway.

  14. I think she should have mentioned the fact that it’s illegal everywhere else in the world and considered as animal abuse. I also think some kind of link needs to be made to the importance of animal welfare for a country. It would be easy for people to listen to that and read the article and not really think it matters. They need to know that their vets would be thrown in jail in a european country and that their country stands out like a sore thumb. Then they might think twice about it for those who don’t give a damn and think animal welfare doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme. If the US didn’t do it I’m sure Canada wouldn’t but in my opinion, having lived in Ontario for 8 years, I think many things about Canada are basically exactly as in the US and they sort of follow along in the shadow of the US – except healthcare 🙂 – they have the same healthcare system as England, not very good but ‘free’ to all citizens. It’s payed for through the tax system. Clearly if the US outlawed it Canada would. And clearly they got the idea from the US. Where the hell did it come from anyway? Was it ever done in Europe? Whoever invented it should be gassed not quite enough to kill them and be left in a freezer with a bunch of other dead humans who needed similar treatment. 🙂

    • Thank you Marc for adding to the page.

      Visitors can click on this link:


      to go to an umbrella page on declawing on this site with about 150+ more page on the subject. Canada and America are unique in being the only countries where it is legal to mutilate a cat for the convenience of the cat’s owner. As you say it would be a crime in the UK and many other countries. I have no idea why or how North America got into this very strange state of affairs.

  15. Well done to Camille, I’m so glad that people are speaking out more about this horrible cruel practice, this is a great step forward, lets hope it’s banned in our lifetimes!!!!!

  16. Camille is a very respected member of our International Coalition Against Declawing facebook group and I admire very much what she is doing.
    It annoys me that some people don’t think cats are important enough to have this legalised abuse of them brought to notice and mock those of us who are trying to educate about this cruelty and ultimately get it banned worldwide!
    Now 53 people say YES it’s OK to declaw cats, who are these cold hearted ignorant people? 175 say no it’s not OK, thankfully they well outnumber the YESes
    23.25% YES
    76.75% NO
    A total of 228 votes so far.

    • Camille is a very respected member of our International Coalition Against Declawing facebook group

      I had no idea (I don’t visit Facebook very much). She sounds like a fine woman. We love women who fight for the rights of vulnerable animals. I think she is great.

      Ontario legislature should take heed of the poll results.

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