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Beautiful Message. Lousy Presentation — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t even have a huge problem with her presentation – why is it that being emotional is looked down upon? That, if anything, is a massive metaphor for what is wrong with our culture. It’s important to be emotional.

    • Well yes, I agree. Thank you for pointing that out. The poor presentation criticism is based on convention. But convention so heavily encrusted with crap 😉 Her message is a good one too: Facebook is messing around as usual.

      • Yes – I guess I am commenting on that ‘crap’ that is ‘encrusted’ in our own subcontious. It’s hard to accept having to present in a preset way at the cost of the content of said presentation. It’s a “talk like you are supposed to or don’t talk at all” kind of thing. There’s no middle ground in that sense. I feel so dirty inside when I catch myself making judgements that are conditioned into me via toxic cultural formalities I grew up with and am still controlled by.

  2. I think she’s brave too, she has something to say and she’s saying it, good for her, I wouldn’t dare do it. She’s on the right side and she has a heart of gold.

    • Fantastic. Me too. This sort of person is so important to the planet. They hardly have a voice because everything is run by alpha males who want to make money.

  3. I think she is a very brave lady and passionate about the good she and others are doing via face book.
    Anyone criticising her should try standing in front of a video camera making a speech as she did, obviously without any script!
    The person calling her dull and crazy needs to take a look at himself, I wonder what he does to help animals?
    I share a lot of animal stuff on face book, I’ve lost friends who don’t want to see the truth, but we have to keep on doing it if we really care enough and like that lady, I DO care.

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