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Bengal Cat Thriller Profile — 4 Comments

  1. A great capture! My first impression was that he was a powerful looking cat as well Michael. What I wonder is why something as beautiful as this could be kept out of a pedigree cat club. The wildness is supposed to be breed out by the 8th or 9th generation? Anyway, their loss.

    • I agree that Thriller is a strong cat. Bengal cats can be pretty strong both physically and mentally. Thriller has the body of a middle weight boxer.

  2. Classic Photograph.Feel sad that two of the world’s most rare and higly prized pedigree cats, “THE BENGAL CAT” and the “BOMBAY CAT” have Indian origin names, but, till date India has no recognized “Pedigree Cat Club” .Another fact, barring the Indian names, both the “Bengal Cat” and the “Bombay Cat” have no Indian connection, either in their breeding nor in their breeders, all bred in U.S.A.Will an Indian cat breeder breed the “PUMA CAT” in India?Hoping that some of the ladies in India join together to form a cat club affiliated to either “T.I.C.A” or “C.F.A”.

    • I would love a cat fancy in India. The potential is very good and India is ready. Plus the Asian leopard cat (the wild cat ancestor to the Bengal cat) is present throughout India. India still has lots of exotic wildlife. Cat fanciers in the West think India as exotic so it is time for India to come up with their own exotic cat breed! It would do well in America.

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