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Bengal Cat of 1889 — 3 Comments

  1. Michael, i first saw the “Okapi”, Komodo lizard and the poison dart frogs at London’s Regent zoo. It is the World’s oldest scientific zoo’s and has many “Firsts” among zoo’s to its credit. “JUMBO’ the famous elephant that has now become a word synonymous with gigantiism was at the London zoo giving joy rides from 1865 to 1882!Definitely the zoo must have had or discovered the first “Bengal Cat” as India was a part of the British empire during that period.

  2. Here is a free HTML version made available by The Project Gutenburg. I assume they must of had permission to publish. The illustrations could be clearly seen:

    Thanks Michael. Fascinating Article!

    • Thanks a lot, Dan, for clarifying the copyright issues. I have the hard copy book and the publisher says it is copyright protected but I have always felt it was not because it has expired.

      I think someone just republished the book and protected their interest by claiming copyright. A British scam 😉 It would not have happened in Harrison Weir’s day.

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