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Looking for Bengal breeders in Florida? The search engines are good but if you add a human filter you get this very refined and complete list all in one place. Remember search engine electronic “bots” and “spiders” and their masters the search engines don’t have artificial intelligence. The spiders can’t tell if a picture is good or bad or if the words on a page are useful or not. Only humans (currently) can do that. However, they are getting better at measuring the effectiveness of the page by what happens off the page.

Any assessment of Bengal breeders in Florida that I might give, is based on my impression of the website, only (but see polls recently added). A good breeder is essential in my opinion. Ask questions (obviously) and if you get good and transparent answers delivered with confidence on the major issues such as the breeding program; you have made a good start in selecting your new cat. It may pay dividends to study some basic genetics before speaking with the breeder or read these articles. The video below can be seen in large format on this page: Kopa Bengal Cat Video. 

When you click on the link next to the listed breeder, it will open to a new window so you can check out the website and go back to this page a little more easily. The list of Bengal breeders in Florida is selected from websites that have at one time been listed in the first 3 pages of Google search listings. Why choose these? Better traffic must have put them there. Traffic means they are getting visitors and that means they are the most popular and/or established. Also, I have selected from breeders who’s website has come up on a Google search as opposed to only being part of a directory. This implies that the breeder is well established.

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Bengal Springs Cattery
Bengal Springs ~ from the Wild to your Home. Specializing in stunning Silver Bengals from top quality & champion TICA lines. Bring home a touch of the …

Dreampaws Bengals
Dreampaws Bengal of Florida is a small in-home cattery devoted to raising healthy and happy brown spotted tabby’s and seal lynx / mink (Snow) Bengal kittens …

Savannah River Bengals
Savannah River has been breeding, raising and showing Bengal cats and kittens
for over 15 years.

Our cattery has produced many show/breeder kittens …

FIP In Breeding Cattery Cats
I recently purchased a beautiful Bengal kitten from Bearbrook , December 8 2010. The kitten I had picked was the most lovable kitten in the litter.

DarkMoon Bengals

From the sun scorched trees and sands of a forbidden jungle to …

Bengal kittens available – spayed/altered before going to new homes
Fascats Cattery is a small cattery.

I love the Bengal breed and think everyone should have one, they are so dog like it’s like having the best of …

GoldNGlitter Bengals
We are a small in home cattery focusing on bringing a little GoldNGlitter into your life. Our home IS our cattery.

Our Bengal kittens are never …

Tuminello Exotics
We are breeders of Bengal and Savannah cats in the Central Florida area: Polk City Florida.

Our cats are part of our family and raised with lots of …

Bearbrook Bengals is a small cattery in central Florida. Our cats and kittens are loved, well socialized and raised underfoot. They interact not only with …

Fascats Cattery
Hi, We are a small cattery that love the BENGAL cat. I have been breeding them
for 15 years now and love it! Our Bengals are home raised with tons of TLC …

Marechal Cattery
Marechal Cattery – locations in both FL and WV but right now we are selling kittens from the WV location. That could change back to FL but I expect
for …

Bengal Cat Breeders
Here is a communication from a Bengal cat breeder to a list of other Bengal cat breeders on the subject of a heart disease that affects cats and other …

Information on Bengal cats — all these links open in new windows by the way……The medical stuff is not a criticism of this wonderful purebred cat. I mention them for the long term benefit of the cat and all concerned. Read the thoughts of someone who knows better than me:


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New Addition:
Gone Wild Bengals –

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Great Looking website. Owner is DAVID BROWNLEE – South Florida – tel 305-801-4600. This cattery was added after the start of the poll, above, & is not therefore in it. Note: because this is an new addition it does not form part of the above poll as the poll cannot be adjusted.

Etché (pronounced: et chay defined: “LOOK At Me!”in Latin)
Jacksonville Orange Park, St. Augustine, Gainesville, Lake City, Daytona, Fernandina, Palm Coast, Ponte Vedra, Palatka and Tallahassee.

– as at 19th March 2009 this link has been removed as this URL does not go to a Bengal breeders website!

ZawieCo Bengal — S. Florida

As at Nov. 2008 this is the top site on a Google search for Bengal Breeders in Florida (update: as at August 2009 the position is unchanged). What does that mean? It means, in my opinion, one or both of the following factors are in place. It is the website that is best search engine optimized. If this is the case it means the site builder (probably the breeder) knows something about optimizing a website, which in turn means a serious and committed approach (a good quality for a cat breeder).

The biggest element in optimizing a website is the content, so the content can’t be bad. Or it could mean that they have been around longer than the others (another good sign).

About Marechal Cattery
Chausie, Safari, Bengal, and Savannah breeds.
Kenna, WV and Jupiter, FL

Note: I realise that this cattery is not exclusively in Florida. As I understand it, they have (or had?) a base in Florida and Kenna, West Virginia. Wrong? Please tell me by leaving a comment in the form below. I am hoping, in any event, to extend this page to cover breeders outside of Florida.
Why are the Marechal sites the best in my opinion? You might think, “what do I know?”. I know a bit. They are the best because they are the least flashy and best organized. Simplicity, readability and functionality is everything. Cat breeders have a liking for black or textured backgrounds, which is dated and makes it harder to read the text. The best cat sites of all should provide more than a sales pitch. There should be content that gives the visitor something of interest and value if possible. This is called pre-selling.

813-453-2064 — this appears to be a new number: 813-949-5590

Destiny Bengals — Bengal kittens.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A very glossy website. You won’t get glossier!

Callista Bengals
Port Orange, FL (Daytona Beach)
Small breeder, one litter at a time — this is an impressive website and at March 2009 is listed 2nd on a Google search

Florida Bengals, located in Jacksonville, Florida

Everglades Bengal Kittens
Jean Hatfield, South Florida


Blue Hills Cattery

Update 22-08-09: This website is non-functional as it goes to a holding site not a cattery. The link has been removed therefore. I don’t know if this cattery is still operating.

Bengal Cats of Adventure Beach
This cattery do not disclose where they are. I guess that this is
for security reasons but at least a rough area would help, I would have thought
for would be buyers to assess driving times etc. when visiting. I find this strange.

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