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Bengal cats: A failure to understand — 6 Comments

  1. All cat owners should realize that their cats are actually miniature “Big Cats” by instinct and hence should be handled and treated with caution, irrespective of the breed.My Traditional Persian cats are very fierce in temperament and would quickly attack a gecko lizard, fly or moth that occasionally strays into my house.Once i got severely cut on my hand trying to separate a cat-fight at home, a accidental injury which was totally unintentional by my tomcat Matata.The human cat owner is to be blamed if the cat overreacts to a situation or has a sudden change in temperament. This is my personal experience as a cat owner of two different breed of cats since 1995..

  2. This story just goes to show that some people are completely out of their depth when it comes to managing or understanding any kind animal. The worst cases of animal aggression were at WCF Shows in Germany where I saw what I think was an American Curl and a Ragdoll really tear up the judges hands and did the same to their “owners”when they tried to return them to their cages. . It’s nothing to do with a Bengal’s wild ancestors. Any domestic cat is only one step away from it’s wild ancestors and can be a tough customer under the right(or wrong) circumstances.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with Harvey’s comment. There seems to be a lot of people who lack basic of understanding about cat behaviour, despite keeping them as pets. From the few episodes I’ve seen of “My Cat From Hell” I think the show should be renamed “My ignorant owner is making my life as a cat hell”. Mind you, with ignorant vet techs like the one quoted from Sunbury Animal Hospital, it’s no wonder much of the public are uneducated about cats if they rely on animal professionals like Ms. Benitez for informed opinions or advice.

      I sincerely hope that these 2 Bengals are found by someone who knows about cats and will offer them the decent home they so deserve.

      • So do I – lets hope they find a nice home by themselves. It’s horrible to think about them outside wandering around scared and homeless. Especially with freaked out residents around. Perhaps the original owner can catch them and bring them home again.

        The people who adopted these cats sound like total idiots. Of course I would say that, but it’s usually the case so I’m assuming it is here.

    • Absolutely. It is about human behavior not cat behavior. It drives me mad when I read these stories. So ignorant. Thanks for the support Harvey.

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