Beware Craigslist Kitten Scam

Submission from Susan

Hello – last night I posted an ad on craigslist about finding a new kitten and was ALMOST scammed. There is someone who claims to have a kitten and if you send them $100. they will send you the cat, even after you tell them you live in another state. They also are using one of your Maine Coon photos to lure people in. I just thought you should know.

I have a complaint in to craigslist and waiting to hear from them. I do have the original emails if you would like that as I’m sure they are violating copyright.

I feel stupid but I’m glad I saw the google images of the cat on the black paw prints on the wicker chair? That’s the one that’s being used, at least on me ~ your photos are amazing and it makes me sick to think someone is lying to get someone to send them money.

Response from Michael

Thanks a lot for telling me about this. I would like you to leave a comment and provide some more information such as the emails.

I have to ask you to do this as I don’t have your email address. I thought Craigslist had stopped this sort of thing happening. Apparently not.

If you could show me the picture you are referring to that would be great too.

I have published your submission as a warning to others.

Never send money up front to someone you don’t know on the internet.

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Beware Craigslist Kitten Scam — 3 Comments

  1. Someone keeps posting different picture of kittens, Maine coin, Persian etc. They ask 200 and about every other day or so they post different pictures, they always say to text them, this is a scam and needs to be looked at

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