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Biggest Advance in Companion Animal Welfare? — 4 Comments

  1. Yes this is good news and I’m thinking that just like other countries there must be people in China who love animals and hate their country’s abuse of them.
    Professor Chang Jiwen is obviously a compassionate and caring man while Professor Zhao Nanyuan is a very cruel and ignorant man, how on earth can anyone say animals are not sentient beings?
    A step in the right direction, but not far enough as it will take a long time until China catches up with our UK pet welfare and meanwhile animals go on suffering there.

    • I agree – a man who says animals can’t feel pain should be burn’t with a flame until he screams – and reminded he is an animal. F*****g idiot. The world will be better without a man who thinks like that. I imagine there are many.

      • LOL. He is a professor, which is disturbing and what he thinks is a reflection on the core problem in China. A lot of Chinese people do think that animals are vegetables. It goes further than China. Vietnam comes to mind. The attitudes will be a big barrier to change and making new law work. That said new law can change attitudes.

  2. The idea that animals are not sentient beings is perfectly ridiculous and flies in the face of easily provable physiological and psychological responses. Any living creature is equipped with a wide range of senses which are essential for survival. The sense of pain and touch hardly need mentioning because the basic need to avoid injury is obvious, but feeling fear is important in order to avoid life-threatening situations. Being sentient is essential for survival and nature has ensured over millions of years of natural selection that these traits are encoded in the DNA of all creatures. In portraying these hard facts as “foreign trash” Professor Nanyuan seems to be suggesting that he too as well as all animals are non-sentient beings and thus exempt from Darwin’s theory of The Origin of the Species. This “foreign trash” sounds very much like the ranting of Chairman Mao, and similarly only to excuse barbarities and cruelty.

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