Bizarre Theory: Cats Trigger Islamic Extremism

This is the theory. Cats carry the toxoplasmosis gondii parasite. The parasite is in the cat’s feces. Because the prophet Mohammad liked cats the Islamic faith teaches Muslims to treat cats well. This results in lots of cats in Islamic areas. This increases the chances of a Muslim coming into contact with cat’s feces, which in turn leads to a much higher chance of the parasite entering the Muslim.

Once inside the Muslim, the toxoplasmosis gondii parasite travels in the blood stream to the Muslims brain where it affects his brain making him more aggressive.

The Muslim reads the Qur’an (also called the Koran, Al-Coran, Coran, Kuran, and Al-Qur’an), which was written, as I understand it about 1,400 years ago. This ancient holy book unsurprisingly (due to its age) contains “109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule”1

This bizarre theory concludes that when you combine the toxic combination of violent verses in a venerated holy book with a disturbed mental state due to the presence of the toxoplasmosis parasite you create a person who is ready to do war for his religion and to sacrifice his life in that cause. I have to say this combination has been very toxic indeed as there have been 20,272 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11.2

Ginger cat in Damascus

Ginger cat in Damascus. Photo by alazaat

Now, before someone jumps on me, I am simply restating what I have read and I for one find it bizarre and totally ridiculous. There is no connection between Mohammad’s love of cats and Muslim extremists.  Muslim extremists have not be poisoned by a parasite but by a bigoted imam in a mosque who is living in the dark ages.

An imam, by the way, is “the worship leader of a mosque and the Muslim community” (Wikipedia). So he is listened to and has the power to brainwash believers.

It is quite a neat and fun theory. That is why I have presented it on this site. In truth there are a lot of bizarre theories concerning toxoplasmosis. It is usually crazy cat haters who like to promote the idea that cats are making everyone mad and therefore they should be exterminated. I sometimes think the world is mad but it’s just people being people; nothing to do with the innocent domestic cat.

Note 1 and 2: source:

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Bizarre Theory: Cats Trigger Islamic Extremism — 6 Comments

  1. Yes I find it bizarre and totally ridiculous too and cat haters use anything they can to try to convince us cat lovers that cats are dangerous to have around.
    Far more dangerous are the human species who go on spreading hatred and disease!

    • It’s so stupid it is ridiculous, technically speakiing. Sometimes when the nay sayers come out with real corkers like this it just makes them look like total idiots. I’ve not heard of thereligionofpeace dot com but it looks like this is where that came from.

  2. Lol – it is indeed a fun theory. It must be true for at least one instance shall we say. One person out there is a toxoplasmotic psycho with extremist tendencies. Yes, I agree, in the context of how our ecosystem works and sustains itself you can very safely say that humanity is mad. If aliens came here and studied us and saw that we are using up our planets resources quicker than they can be replenished they too would think we were about as dumb and stupid as they come in the universe. A sort of self destructing organism that takes all the others down with it too. A serious kind of loser in the cosmic sense.

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