Black Cat Short Tail Great Picture!

Unusual title but the usual high quality from Helmi Flick. The cat’s name is ‘Stubby’. You can see why! Don’t think that Stubby is a Manx or Pixie-bob because he is not. In fact I think he is a random bred cat with a short tail. Why a short tail? No idea. He might have lost a bit in an accident or been born with it. Short tailed cats are not uncommon in certain parts of the world (Asia for example).

I have not plastered a watermark over this image because it would spoil it and in any case people who abuse copyright are looking for cat breed photos and Stubby is not a part of a cat breed. OK.

Black cat with a short tail
Stubby – Black Cat – Short Tail – Great Pic – copyright Helmi Flick
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Black cats are actually brown. You can see that in the picture on this page. You can see the brown melanin pigmentation when sun shines through the individual ‘black’ hair strands.

Stubby is relaxed in front of the camera and stretching. You can see his claws are out to grab the ground. This is a similar position to the one my cat makes when I stroke his back. It is a kitten response asking mother to lick his bottom! True. When kittens are very young their mother licks their bottoms to stimulate defecation to get things going. As we look after the domestic cat they think they are kittens.

I wonder how a cat feels without his tail? If he lost it he may have a problem initially. Tails are a useful appendage. In the wild cat species you will see a wide range of tail lengths and the longest and thickest are seen on the tree dwellers and rock climbers. The tails of the clouded leopard and snow leopard are like a long piece of thick rope. They are used to keep balance in high places.

I have a page on the genetics behind black cats and we know how maligned black cats can be because of the superstition surrounding them. Shame that. Black cats are the last to be adopted. If you are an old black cat life is harder but healthier..the genes that make the cat black seem to have a positive effect on health.

9 thoughts on “Black Cat Short Tail Great Picture!”

  1. Stubby is beautiful, but I agree, I don’t believe he’s a Manx cat. Looks like the poor little thing had an accident that cost him most of his tail.

  2. I found a list kitty that looks just like that cat with a short tail. Wearing a green collar. Male cat very friendly. Please post this picture and help me find his mommy and daddy

  3. That cat looks as if he lost most of his tail in an accident.
    I feel sorry for cats without tails because they use them to help their balance and also to show what mood they are in and I think it’s cruel to deliberately breed cats like Manx cats.

    • Yes, this is a great picture but the cat is a moggie and for some reason he has a short tail. The tail serves a purpose. Balance being one purpose and touch being another. As you say there is body language and communication through the tail too. As you say a cat without a tail has a physical defect that makes life harder.

    • Hi Mady. Regrettably, the answer is no. Short tails are just a genetic mutation so it occurs in the random cat population. Random bred cats are worth about $35 or £35 (UK) or currency equivalent. There may be a bit more value in your cat because or rarity.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing. If I were you, I would not think about the value of your cats but how you can make their lives better. All cats are equal as far as I am concerned.


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