Black and white cat keychain (has been for sale on Amazon for at least 12 years)

I don’t normally build pages about cat products but this is an updated page that was written in around 2010, about 12 years ago. And the products are still for sale on (the US version of the site). And the links to Amazon still work ?. Normally after 12 years links like this have broken long ago. The internet is a fluid marketplace. It is constantly shifting like quicksand. I guess that these products can’t be all that bad! Maybe they are very good. Not many buyers but a 5-star rating. Although no customer reviews. The cat keychain at the end of the article is more modern but I cannot understand why the cat has a kitchen knife in her mouth. I don’t get it and don’t find it attractive. Although it looks well made.

Cat keychain
Cat keychain. Photo:
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On a cold and boring day, you can put your hand in your jacket pocket and fiddle about with the cat on this keychain! Worried about something? Need to aid concentration? Play with the black and white cat just like worry beads in the Middle East. If the object has a nice texture, I think it is a nice thing to do. Messing around with worry beads is what is called “displacement behavior“. Cats do it too, you know! They lick their nose or swish their tail from side to side if they are concerned or unsure about something – see cat body language.

Here are some more Amazon products – click on the image to be taken to I have presented the products for Americans as they make up the biggest number of visitors to this site. Update April 22, 2022. It is amazing that these products are still for sale more than 10 years later. A testament to the popularity of these cat products.

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Here is a 2022 cat keychain which is an Amazon favorite. Click on the image to see the product on Amazon.

Below are some more cat products.

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